Fallen Under His Spell

Taylea and her best friend Haley were sitting at their dorm at their new colledge in England. They have been dreaming of going to Oxford together forever. When they get on their plane to Duncaster the realize that this isnt just any plane. This is One Directions plane. Read more.


31. Chapter 31

Harry's Pov;

 'Should I go get her?' Haley says.

'No I got it.' I reply. I walk out front and see her walking down the street. It's pouring rain.

'TAYLEA! Wait?!' i yell after her! 'WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!'

'Harry, I cant take it any more.'

'Take what?! Taylea I AM WORRIED ABOUT YOU!'

'I cant tell you Harry. I have to go do something.'

'TAYLEA! You can tell me anything. I am not just your boyfriend, I am your best friend.' I see Haley and Louis chasing after us. I grab Taylea's shoulder. 'Hey! Tell me whats wrong!'

'If I tell you, you will hate me!'

'I can never hate you.'

'Fine. I got kicked out of college. I am screwed. My family hates me now. I was about to graduate and then when I got my ankle injury I had to stop playing volleyball and thats what my scholarship was on.'

'Why would I hate you?'

'I was supposed to go back with Haley.'

'I will never hate you. I love you unconditionally. I am inlove with you!'

'I didnt know you felt that way.' I kiss her in the rain. Its so romantic. I am deffinatly dreaming. Pinch me?


Haley's Pov;

     'I think they got it figured out. I think its about Taylea getting kicked out of college because of her ankle injury and her scholarship was for volleyball. I already knew. She didnt think the coach told us.'

'Oh, I am sorry babe.'

'I quit volleyball and I had all my acedemics scholarship still. I am going to online college. I am sorry babe.'

'Oh, why are you sorry?'

'You bought a new house close to my college.'

'It was also where Perrie is going to college.'

'Oh, sorry for bei-' I got cut off by Louis' lips meeting mine. Kissing in the rain. A romantic move. I look over to where Harry and Taylea were standing and they are kissing too. For a moment I forgot about my grandmother dying. Its fine now. She was 101 yrs old anyways. We knew that old bat was going to die soon. Whatever, I have the best boyfriend and the best friends I could have. I love Lou and the others. I am inlove with Lou. I pull away from Louis' kiss.

'Lou. Just telling you but I am inlove with you!' I say.

'Me too! I mean I am inlove with you for-real!' Lou says. We go back to kissing. I am guessing that Harry and Taylea are still smoochin over there so yep.


Lou's Pov;

      I love this girl. I am inlove with her. Okay, thats it. Bye!


Harry's Pov;

  'You thinking about marrige yet?' I ask Taylea

'Maybe, depends on who's asking.'

'That would be me!' I smirk.

'Then yes I have thought about it a couple times.'

'A couple, harsh!'

'Fine a million times.'

'Thats more like it.' We stand there laughing in the rain. I love this girl. I truly do.

'Okay, when should we get married?'

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