Fallen Under His Spell

Taylea and her best friend Haley were sitting at their dorm at their new colledge in England. They have been dreaming of going to Oxford together forever. When they get on their plane to Duncaster the realize that this isnt just any plane. This is One Directions plane. Read more.


28. Chapter 28

Harry's Pov;

 'HARRY! WAKE UP!' I hear and my vision is blury. I hear fret in her voice. 

'What's wrong babe?'

'I went to the bathroom and I heard Louis crying in the bathroom. I tried to talk to him but he wont answer. I am worried.'

'Let me try and talk to him. If this doesnt work we will wake up the others to help.'

'Okay. I am worried.' She started crying. I hug her and hold her longer than I usually would. She was upset. I let go and start heading towards the main hall bathroom. I knock on the door.

'WHO IS IT?' Lou screams.

'Harry, and Taylea is with me.'

'What's wrong Lou?' Taylea asks.

'Haley left.' he replies. Taylea's eyes bulge even more.

'Come out Louis! We need to talk.' Taylea says. I have no clue about what but it works, Lou comes out.

'I will be right back Harry. I need to tell Louis something.' she says. I nod back to her. Oh my, these thoughts in my head arent very pleasent. I hope to god she isnt cheating. I hope that it's nothing about us. Oh my, now I am worried.


Taylea's Pov;

        When Lou said Haley left, I remembered.

'Lou, we need to talk.' I told him. I took him downstairs and told him to sit down.

'Taylea, what do you want to talk to me about?' he sounded kind of worried.

'Uhm, it's not that easy to tell you.' I say.

'What is it? I am all ears.'

'Haley's grandmother was set on... um death bed. I am sorry Lou.'

'Oh my god. I need to call her A.S.A.P'

'Ok. Tell her we are here for her. I will call her parents, they will know where she is.' he nods.  I dial Mrs.Lonarson's phone number. It rings a couple of times and then she picks up.

'Hello?' she says in a say manor.

'Hello Mrs.Lonarson. It's Taylea.'

'Oh hello Taylea. Why are you calling me at midnight?'

'It's an emergency. Do you know where Haley is? She left the house and she left Louis, her boyfriend, so we got worried. Lou has been crying since she left. '

'She is here with us. Thanks for being concerned.'

'Can we stop by? Like Louis, Harry and I? I know what happened. '

'Yes, I think Haley needs someone to be here for her. See you when you get here.'

'See you soon mam. Thanks.'

We hung up the phone.

'LOUIS HARRY! COME ON WE ARE GOING TO LONDON!' I scream. They come walking downstairs and they have all the boys with them.

'Can they come too?' Harry asks

'Yes, Haley needs more friends to be behind her.'

'Come on! Haley needs us there!' Louis screams. We head to my car. I hop into the driver's seat and the rest jump somewhere else.

'Harry do you want to sit up here with me?' I asked him

'No thanks. I think Lou should get more info. '

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