Fallen Under His Spell

Taylea and her best friend Haley were sitting at their dorm at their new colledge in England. They have been dreaming of going to Oxford together forever. When they get on their plane to Duncaster the realize that this isnt just any plane. This is One Directions plane. Read more.


26. Chapter 26

Louis's Pov;

  'Taylea, you ready to open the "small" gifts' I say.

'Sure. Let me FaceTime Justin' she says. She starts FaceTiming and he is on his private jet going back to California in the U.S.A.

'Ready Taylea?' I ask

'Yep!' she says with anticipation. I hand her the box with striped wrapping paper. She laughs. She started to unwrap the paper.

Taylea's Pov;

 'Oh my god Lou!' I say as I see what the gift was.

'Oh my, did I do some-' he replies back but I cut him off.

'Lou! They are perfect! I have always wanted a pair of Vans! Especially the sparkly zebra ones! They are perfect.' I say.

'Good. They were hard to pick out for you. Since you know I have only known you for a week or 6 days now? They work right? Haley gave me your shoe size.' 

'Yep. Perfect.' I say.

'NEXT GIFT FROM ME!' Niall says.

'Okay.' I say. He hands me the bag with cheeseburgers on it. I start to open it. I see what it is.

'A pair of Nike hightops! Oh my! They are amazing! I am obsessed with shoes by the way.' I say with a big grin.

'That's not all. There is more.' Niall says. I look in the bag and at the bottom I see a $100 gift card to Nandos.

'NIALL! Thanks. I love Nando's!' I scream. I run over to Niall and hug him. They were perfect, the gifts.

'Can I give you my gift?' Zayn asks. I nod my head and he comes and gives me a box. I start to unwrap the box. I open it. Oh my god. Did he really get me this? Did he really buy me and iPad?

'Zayn! You shouldnt have.' I punch him playfully.

'I would do it for the funniest girl in the world. And most mellow around us.' he says

'Me? Mellow?' I ask.

'Yes.' Zayn replies. 'There is more.' I look in the bottom of the box, a 1D iPad case. 'It's so you remember us whenever we go somewhere.' Zayn says. 'Thank you Zayn.' I hug him so tight that he starts to huff. 'Sorry.' I blush.

'Okay. My turn.' Liam says. He hands me a red and blue giant bag.

'Uhm, can I have a little help with this one? Its a little heavier than I hoped.' I say. Everyone shakes their head. I set the giant bag on the floor. I start to open it. Oh my. They are spoiling me.

'A Mac-Book Pro? Liam! Zayn! Niall! Louis! NO MORE SPENDING MONEY ON ME EVER AGAIN!'

'So I take it you like it?' Liam asks.

'Yes, I love it Liam. Just no more buying me anything ever!' I say.

'We want to make you happy!'They scream.

'I could be happy with you guys with a bag of rocks and a candy cane. I like and wanted all this stuff. I just dont need it to be happy but it could be a part of it! I am still keeping it though!' I say. They smile.

'US NOW!' Katie and Haley scream. They hand me the box. I unwrap it. I open the top.

'GUYS! I love these!' I say. It was lots of clothes since I kind of stain my clothes with these boys and my puppy around. 'Thank you guys!' I say.

'YOU ARE WELCOME!' they all holler.

'I will give you the gift from me later.' Harry says.

'Ooh lala!' Louis screams.

'Shut it Lou!' I scream

'I like when you call me Lou. Makes me sound sexy!'

'Louis! Stop making my best friend feel awkward on her birthday!' Haley says.

'SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND! Right Taylea?' Louis screams like a 5 year old. 'Right Mrs.Styles?'

'Oh my. I am walking away now.' I say.

Knock Knock Knock. I go to the door and I open it.

'Hey! Did I miss anything?' It was Ed Sheeran.

'Oh... My.... Your...! Ed Shee-'

'Yes, you are Taylea the birthday girl. Harry called me and told me. Here' he handed me a bag.

'What is this?' I ask.

'Your birthday present. Can I come in?'

'Yeah, sure.'

'It looks like Eddie is finally here!' Harry screams.

'OPEN MY GIFT TAYLEA!' Ed hollers.

'I will! Geez!' I say. I start to open the bag. Its Ed Sheeran's album, t-shirt, and backstage tickets to his concert.

'Thanks Ed!' I say. I hug him quickley.

'HEY!' I heard! 'You forgot about me?' Justin on FaceTime!

'No JB!' I say.

'My gift is with Niall. He has it. Niall! Give Taylea her gift from me and Selly!'

'Okay.' Niall says. He hands the purple bag over to me. I open it, its his someday and girlfriend purfume. and some concert tickets for front row and a signed pair of purple Supra's.

'Oh my god! Justin! You didnt have too.'

'It wasnt just from me! Selena picked out the Supra's.'

'Thanks guys! I love it!'

'Youre welcome. We have to go! Bye!'

'Bye!' I say. CLick. We hang up.

'Time for cake!' Lou screams.

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