Fallen Under His Spell

Taylea and her best friend Haley were sitting at their dorm at their new colledge in England. They have been dreaming of going to Oxford together forever. When they get on their plane to Duncaster the realize that this isnt just any plane. This is One Directions plane. Read more.


25. Chapter 25

Taylea's Pov;

            'What would you like miss?' the waiter says.

'I would like the chicken parmesean.' I reply.

'Okay, good choice. Happy birthday by the way. I heard your friends singing to you.' she replys.

'Thank you.' i remark.

'You are quite welcome. You get a free dessert too.' she replies to my comment.

'Thanks' I say.

'What would you like Mr.Bieber?' she says to Justin.

'Same as what the birthday girl is having. Oh, and call me Justin. I hate Mr.' he says.

'Same over here.' Selena says.

'Same as well over here.' Harry says. After they are done ordering they all ended up with the chicken parmeasean.

'I must have a stellar taste in food.' I chuckle.

'Eh, I am just too lazy to read the menu. Trying to read cursive isnt that easy babe.' Harry says.

'Chicken parmesean is my favorite though!' Justin says.

'Nice guys. Cheat off of me!' I wink at Harry. After we got done eating we headed off to the cars. Selena hands me the keys to the sports car parked next to Justin's car.

'Erm, why are you giving me these?' I ask.

'It's your birthday present from us.' she says.

'All of us chipped in!' Louis says.

'Oh my. Are you serious?!' I am puzzled.

'Why would we joke?' Justin asks

'Thank you guys so much! I love it!' I scream.

'You are welcome. There are small gifts in the back from all of us. Like one from each person. Nothing big or anything. Selena and I must be heading off now. Sorry, facetime me when you open the gifts so we can see too.' Justin says.

'Okay. Will do! Bye now! Text you later?' I reply.

'Yep. Bye Taylea!' Justin says 'And happy birthday.'

'Thanks.' I reply.

'Bye Taylea. See you soon?' Selena says 'Its nice to be around girls for a moment. Justin always is surrounded by rappers and stuff. Bye again!'

'Bye Sel. Yes, text when you are in town or England next. Byee!' I say. They get in the car and drive off.

'I dont want to drive. I dont want to see it yet.' I say.

'I WILL DRIVE!' Harry says 'If that is okay with you?' he says with a smirk.

'It's fine Harry.' I say. Haley and Louis hop in the back and Harry and I hop into the front. Then the rest are in the other cars. We are going back to the house. Yay! Best birthday ever. I do mean it! Met my idols and stuff. Got the car of my dreams, okay. My life is pretty much completed in one day. What more is there to ask for? I got the most supporting friends, and the best pets! Wait I am forgetting something!(; I have the best boyfriend in the world. If I could marry him, I would. I swear I am IN LOVE with HARRY! Oh my!


Harry's Pov;

    Taylea's reaction to her getting the car was priceless. Awe. That was wonderful of all of them. I didn't chip in. I got her something way more memorizable. Well, I did chip in but not as much as the others did. I love that girl. She is amazing. I am IN LOVE with her. Not that I just plain love her, I am IN LOVE with her. I would marry her any second. I dont think she feels that way. I wish I could read minds. Then again I dont.


I get to drive Taylea's car. What now boys?! Just kidding. They are like family. Wait they are family. On the road again.


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