Fallen Under His Spell

Taylea and her best friend Haley were sitting at their dorm at their new colledge in England. They have been dreaming of going to Oxford together forever. When they get on their plane to Duncaster the realize that this isnt just any plane. This is One Directions plane. Read more.


23. Chapter 23

Justin's Pov;

   We pulled up to the resturaunt. I am taking her to La Bell De Fabo. It's really nice. Selena pulls up next to us. Oh how I have missed her so much. She is the best girl I have ever had! Taylea is wonderful too. I am kind of jealous about Harry getting Taylea but I have Selena to keep me occupied.


Harry's Pov;

     We arrive at this really nice resturaunt. Then a red sports car pulls up next to Justin's car. The door swings open and it's Selena Gomez. I used to have a huge celebrity crush on her until I met Taylea. Selena is so pretty though. I am not saying Taylea isnt but if I had the chance to meet Selena before Justin did, then I would be next to her in her car. I have my beautiful butterfly Taylea though. I can't believe she didn't tell me she was turning 19. I thought she was turning 18, but she is in college though. Well I am turning 19 in like a month so not that big of a deal. Since I have met Taylea all of my problems have gone away. It was just as if she lifted all the weights off my shoulders. Louis nudges me in the arm.

'You getting out Mr.Styles' he says in the funny voice!

'HaHa. Very funny.' I climb out of the car and look at our surroundings. Woah, this place is gorgeous!


Taylea's Pov;

       'OH MY GOD JUSTIN!' I say. 'It's gorgeous!'

'I know right.' Harry says.

'Stop talking about me like that.' I hear Louis butt in.

'Lou, you know you are jealous!' I say.

'Lets go eat! I am starved.' Harry said really quick.

'Okay. All the others are here. So come on!' Justin says.


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