Fallen Under His Spell

Taylea and her best friend Haley were sitting at their dorm at their new colledge in England. They have been dreaming of going to Oxford together forever. When they get on their plane to Duncaster the realize that this isnt just any plane. This is One Directions plane. Read more.


1. Airport Adventures

Taylea Pov;

             Haley and I were finally out of the cramped up dorm. I drove us to the airport, it wasnt that bad of a ride. Haley wouldn't shut up about One Direction. It was such a long ride. I know exactly why she was talking about One Direction. Its because we are going to Duncaster where Louis Tomlinson, who is Haley's favorite from 1D, is from and thats where they all live. I love 1D but I dont have a favorite, I think that it would be rude because all of them are well groomed and very handsome (suppremly handsome). I like all. I saw Haley's fingers hovering over her iPhone's screen.

'Whatcha doing Haley?'

'Oh, nothing. Just reading Louis' tweets.'

'Okay?? Oh, that reminds me, did you bring your laptop? I brought mine.'

'Duh. You thought I'd miss out on my Tumblr?'

'You know that they have a mobile Tumblr app now?'

'Now I do.'

And it was silence for 15 minutes until we parked my red Honda Accord at the airport.


Haley's Pov;

             I was on Twitter when I seen Lou tweet

'Signing tomorrow at Nando's in Duncaster. Hope to see you there!'

I was shocked. I didnt tell Taylea anything, not yet atlleast.


When we arrived at the airport we jumped out of her car. I was so car-sick from reading, I was relieved to be there. We went through security and it wasnt a terrible line. We might've waited for 10 minutes ,but when the usual is 30 I didnt know what to think. I thought I had seen Lou's red and white striped shirt with black suspenders, but I probably was halucinating because we are going to Duncaster.

'Gate 15 miss.'


'Your flight is at gate 15.'

'Oh, thanks.'

I guess I zoned out. Oops. That  moment is over so who cares now. Not like we are going to be late or anything. We started walking towards gate 15. The airport wasnt that big or anything. It had a total of 40 gates in all. I have always dreamed of coming here and bumping into One Direction. We got to our gate 15 minutes early so I started reading some fan-fictions on Movella's app for my iPhone. Taylea mumbles something.

'What did you say Taylea?'

'I said I will be at that store *points directly across the hall* k? I'm going to be buying some chewin gum.'



The lady calling out tickets says that we'd be boarding the aircraft in 3 minutes. Taylea came back and hands me a pack uf gum. I say thanks.

'First Class tickets come board the aircraft now.'

'Lets go Taylea."

We head towards the plane and hands the lady our tickets. She tells us that we are very lucky. I'm not sure why though. Awkward......

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