Welcome to My Life

Okay, Life at the moment hasn't been very good for me at the moment, so I'm here to help. I just want to help people before they make mistakes like I have. Not all of these I have experienced, but I know through other people's eyes that it's true.


3. Friends

Okay, this one is slightly more trickier than Family but here it goes.

Friends are like another circle, infact their a link in you life. Think of your life as a chain, and all the different things and people in your life are in different links of the chain. And if two of the links don't hold together, what happens? The chains breaks and/or weakens. Your friends and family might be in different links, but they have to link together.


Your friends, are basically the family you get to choose. And sometimes, you argue, that's fine. People always argue. And what happens after it is what really counts. If they walk off and say stuff like 'Your not worth it' or 'Leave me alone,' then they weren't really your friend. They were probably pretending or being a fake friend. If afterwards they come back saying 'We can forget this happened.' Then they can't except the truth that it happened, and don't want to remember it. That's understandable, but, there is a better reaction. If they come back, upset, saying 'I'm sorry.' Then they're excepted it, and are allowing this to be apart of both of your pasts. This reaction will definitely build your friendship stronger. Trusting them might take a while to do again, but believe me, they'll stay by your side.


If arguments keep going on and off again, then something must be wrong. Either they are controlling and think they should be in charge of you, or they want to change you. Say no to both of these. A friend should support you no matter what.


True Friendship is not being Inseparable, it's being Separated and Nothing changes...

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