Welcome to My Life

Okay, Life at the moment hasn't been very good for me at the moment, so I'm here to help. I just want to help people before they make mistakes like I have. Not all of these I have experienced, but I know through other people's eyes that it's true.


2. Family

Okay, your family is the most important group of people you will know in your life. And no, for no-one, friends should never come first. Friends come and go, some stay for longer than others, and some stay for good. But your family is never going to leave, you can always trust them. You can create your own branch onto the tree of your family, your choice in person you share that with is completely up to you. Unless in some cases when your parents have something to do with it, but not very likely in most cases. And even if your choice is wrong, there's no such thing as the end, you can start with someone else. Your family will completely stand by your side 100% of the way through.


Your Family is a Circle of Strength and Love, With every Birth and every Union, the Circle grows Stronger. Your family is a Circle of Strength, Every Crisis faced Together, makes the Circle Stronger.

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