Welcome to My Life

Okay, Life at the moment hasn't been very good for me at the moment, so I'm here to help. I just want to help people before they make mistakes like I have. Not all of these I have experienced, but I know through other people's eyes that it's true.


1. Me, The Author

Hi, I'm Erica (fake name) and I just thought that you might want to know a little about me before you read so you know this comes from a real person.


I'm fourteen, so far in my life I've been through one break-up, which, to be honest, I haven't recovered from. I used to enjoy school until secondary school, that's when my life turned to shit, probably in year 8. Cause people bullied me because of my size, and probably cause the fact that I was actually intelligent, and had a brain bigger than a pea. I still haven't found a place that I can honest to my heart call home, I thought I did in someone's arms, but turns out I didn't. I've kissed three boys, one ex-boyfriend, one for a dare, and the other I have a love interest in. Some people think with their brain, some think with their penis or vagina, but I think with my heart. I might be a teenager, and you would think at this age all I want to do is just fuck around, party and snog boys but I don't. I actually want to achieve something with my life, I want to meet someone, and not have to go through heartbreak for the 100th time.


At this age, you don't know who you are, and you're discovering yourself. Your talents, weaknesses, strengths, favouites, dislikes and homes. I have found a few of these, but none of them being positive, great...


Anyway, I have one main goal in life. To actually discover what that one thing is. Originally it was to write a successful series of books, but I'm not sure if that's it now. But anyway, that's just a bit about me... Ask questions, and I'll answer them

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