I Was Scared Until I Met You

Ally wasnt the luckiest girl in the world her mother died when she was 10 and was forced to live with her alcholic step father because her dad was MIA since birth. One day Ally couldnt take any more of her fathers beatings so she decides to run away having no friends and no where to go what will she do and who will she meet. Follow Ally in her ups and downs throughout the story:D


2. Woken up

I woke up by someone poking me and asking me if I was okay. When I opened my eyes it was five boys and they looked very worried and I was scared of what they might do to me.

"Excuse me miss I didn't mean to scare you but are you okay?" the cute black haired boy asked

"um actually to tell you the truth i'm not okay" I let a tear fall from my eye. The black haired boy wrapped me in a big hug, I didn't even know him but I felt safe with him and I felt like I could tell him anything. After he let me out of the hug he asked 

"Could I ask you what you are doing sleeping on the park bench ?" I replied with

"well I ran from home because of the situation I was in and I don't have anywhere to go so I slept on this bench" The curly haired boy asked

"well what kind of situation were you in ?"

" would rather not talk about it" I said and he just nodded

"well would you like to stay with us for a little while until you figure everything out?" the cute black haired boy asked

" Sure but I didn't catch your names" I told him

"oh I'm Zayn" the cute black haired boy said

"I'm Harry" The curly haired boy said

"I'm niall" the Irish one said

"And i'm Louis" The striped shirt boy said

"oh well i'm Ally"

"nice to meet you Ally we should get going and possibly get you to the hospital" Zayn said looking at me with concern

"why a hospital?" I asked

"well because your leg is bleeding a lot" he said

"oh yeah probably" I said looking at my leg thinking about how it bled through the bandaged

We drove to the hospital and I was about to get out of the car and walk in when I collapsed on the ground "are you okay you must of fell because of the blood loss" Zayn said concerned

"yeah I guess I did" I giggled zayn pick me up bridal style and carried me in and the rest of the boys followed

"we need a doctor now please" zayn yelled impatiently

"you don't have to do this for me" I said looking into his big beautiful brown eyes

"yes I do you need stitches Ally" he told me


     My god she was beautiful I wanted nothing more than to kiss her. the doctor came and took Ally

"Zayn will you come with me?" she asked as if she was scared

"of course are you scared?" I asked her

"actually yes I am going to have to tell them what happened and you are eventually going to find out so why don't you come in with me" she was right I was going to find out sometime because she was going to be staying with me and the boys

"okay Ally I will be in with you in just a second okay?" I asked and she nodded. I headed over to tell the boys Ally wanted me to go in with her because she was scared they just nodded and louis said

"oooo Zayn has a crush on Ally"

"shut up Louis and yes I do if you really wanna know" I told him blushing.

I walked in and Ally's face lit up

"hey Ally where is the doctor?" I asked her because her leg was still bleeding

"she will be back in a minute she had to go get the stuff to stitch me up" she told me that made perfect sense


    Zayn was so cute and I think he has a small crush on me too but I wasn't sure so I just kept talking to him and he was definitely flirting. The doctor walked back in the room and she held up the needle and I fainted because I was terrified of them.

"Ally wake up" Zayn was whispering in my ear and I woke up.

"So Ally how did you get the cut on your leg and the bruise on your eye?" the doctor had asked and Zayn didn't mention the bruise maybe because he didn't want me to cry again.

"well to say the truth my dad came into my room yesterday and he grabbed my wrist and threw me on the bed and began to unbutton my shirt and I didn't want him to force me have sex with him any more so I tried to escape his grip and he punched me and then he cut me and I couldn't move because of the pain any more so I just layed there and when he was done I just layed there in pain and when I finally had the strength to get up I went to the bathroom and washed up and then ran away" I told her. I looked over at Zayn and he had tears in his eyes as did I

"well we are going to have to notify the police you do know that right?" the doctor asked and I nodded in agreement


 I can't believe her dad did that to her I was angered and sad all at the same time I dont know why but I feel very protective over her I guess you could say that I love her. The doctor left and I walked up to Ally and hugged her and she just cried into my chest and I was okay with that. She looked up at me with her pretty blue eyes and said

"Zayn I think I love you and I know we only just met but I do" I was so glad she said that because I loved her too 

"Ally its okay I love you too and I know we only just met but do you wanna give us a shot ?" I asked her and all she did was put her arms around my neck and she kissed me

"does that answer your question?" she said smiling

"yes it does as a matter of fact" I was smiling like and idiot so I just kissed her and then the boys walked in while we were kissing 

"Told you he liked her" Louis said like the dork he is

"shut up guys and yes we are a thing" Ally told the boys off and began to kiss me again when the doctor walked in again


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