I Was Scared Until I Met You

Ally wasnt the luckiest girl in the world her mother died when she was 10 and was forced to live with her alcholic step father because her dad was MIA since birth. One day Ally couldnt take any more of her fathers beatings so she decides to run away having no friends and no where to go what will she do and who will she meet. Follow Ally in her ups and downs throughout the story:D


10. The next couple hours


I went down stairs and Niall was still at the table but this time he was eating and sitting with Louis, Liam, and Harry

"Niall I have good news" I was so excited because I knew that they would like each other

"is she coming ?" He was jumping out of his chair the other boys looked confused

  "Yes Layla is coming she will be here in like 3 hours" I said Niall came and ran over and hugged me I flinched because last time someone ran t me was when I was gonna get hit

"Oh I am sorry I didn't mean to scare you I'm just excited" I didn't get mad I was happy that he was happy

"Wait who is Layla and why is she coming here in 3 hours? "  Harry asked

"Layla is my cousin and she is coming here from dublin because I m going to set her up with Niall" i said

" Oh I see that is very nice of you to do" Liam said

"thank you i thought so too, Well Niall go clean up the room you are staying in because the top bunk of your bed is going to be Layla's bed while she is here" I said Niall got  big smile on his face

"Don't even think like that Niall you haven't even met the girl its the only room in this house with bunk beds" Liam said

"think like what i am just excited that I might actually meet a girl who will like me for me " Nill said running off to clean his room.

"So Ally how did you manage to cheer him up I haven't seen him that happy in a long time?" Louis asked

"I just talked to him this morning and told him about her and how she has a big crush on him" i said and the boys just smiled in amazement 

"well if you excuse me I have to go do something" i said

"OHHH we know what that means we all heard you earlier "  Harry said from the kitchen. He was so cheeky

"Zayn baby I know what we can do for the next couple hours " I said as I walked into the bedroom

"And what would that be" he said i decided to show him instead of tell him so I took off the shirt I had on from this morning.

"Oh now i see what we can do" He came over and pulled me close and kissed me. I could feel his boner through his boxers but its okay thats how I know he wants it.

"So would you like to do the honors?" I asked he just nodded and pulled my laced underwear off my small body

"I want it now " I said pushing him against the wall I was completely naked when I heard Niall

"Umm you should really close your door" He was laughing and he walked away. i kicked the door shut. I jumped and put my legs around Zayns waist causing him to gasp

" You like ?" I asked

"You know I do" He said pressing me against the wall and kissing me while i pushed his boxers down

" Now?" He asked

" NOW" I yelled on accident. He thrusted into me and I screamed in pleasure

"I love when you scream like that"  he admitted

"Well I love when we do this" We continued for a while longer and we got dressed

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