I Was Scared Until I Met You

Ally wasnt the luckiest girl in the world her mother died when she was 10 and was forced to live with her alcholic step father because her dad was MIA since birth. One day Ally couldnt take any more of her fathers beatings so she decides to run away having no friends and no where to go what will she do and who will she meet. Follow Ally in her ups and downs throughout the story:D


4. Getting him back


 Zayn brought me up to the bed and I couldn't sleep so I cried and cried and cried, until finally I cried myself into a deep sleep.

"Ally babe you have to get up because the police want to ask you a few questions about the phone call you got today okay" I heard his sweet voice and all I wanted to do was be in his arms forever and I knew I couldn't because we had to find Louis.

"Okay just let me clean up a little" I said in my groggy sleepy voice

"Okay I will be down stairs waiting with the rest of the boys" He said walking out the door. I was afraid that I would have to be asked personal questions. I cleaned up and walked to the living room to where the officer was sitting. I sat on the loveseat next to the policeman.

"Ms.Herrington what exactly did your step father say on the phone earlier when you spoke to him?"

"Well I asked who was calling because I didn't know the number and the man on the other line said that it was my worst nightmare and that is when I knew it was my step father" I told them truthfully

"Okay and what did he say about your friend ?"

"well he said that he had louis and that he was talking about carrots and that he should kill him oh and I heard his brother in the background but his voice was echoing so I couldn't understand what he was saying" I told him and the police man thanked me and said he would start a search party and thought that we should do the same.


 I am in this weird wearhouse thing a few blocks from Zayns house and I am scared. I was thinking about ways to escape but I knew if I tried that I would be killed no questions about it. Thats when it hit me I had my cell phone in my pocket and I was in a room all alone so I could make a call to Zayn without that guy knowing. I quickly pressed Zayns number and it began ringing.



"Ally don't worry we will find him" I said trying to comfort her when my phone buzzed it was Louis

"HELLO LOUIS ARE YOU OKAY ?" I yelled so everyone could hear I was talking to Louis

"Yes I am fine but I need you to listen you know the warehouse 2 blocks from your house ?" He said whispering and I imagined it was for his safety

 "Yes" I said dragging out the s

"Well that is where I am so please call the police before I get hurt" He said just before the phone went dead.

"guys I know where Louis is call the police and tell them that he is in the abandoned warehouse on mayweather road" I said in an excited voice

" This is great we are going to get my carrot back" I heard Harry's voice from the kitchen. We headed off the the warehouse and the police were already there with the two men in handcuffs.


 I was excited that I would get to save Louis and not so excited that I would see the two men I hated most in the world. We drove to the warehouse and the police were already there with Andy and Dave in handcuffs. I walked over to Andy and spit in his face.

"You little bitch I am so going to kill you for this" He said while being held back by the police.

"LOUIS I AM SO SORRY!" I said running up to him and crying. I felt so bad for this.

"Its okay my little carrot queen I am safe and to tell you the truth those guys are pussys that are all talk and no action" he told me trying to get me to laugh a little. We all went back to Zayn's house and talked until I fell asleep in Zayn's arms it was the perfect ending to the worst day.


** sorry guys about the short and bad chapter I have writers block I am hoping to get some ideas on the next chapter? if you would help me out that would be great thanks muah**

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