I Was Scared Until I Met You

Ally wasnt the luckiest girl in the world her mother died when she was 10 and was forced to live with her alcholic step father because her dad was MIA since birth. One day Ally couldnt take any more of her fathers beatings so she decides to run away having no friends and no where to go what will she do and who will she meet. Follow Ally in her ups and downs throughout the story:D


13. Breakfast and feeling off


"Well that was interesting and thank you for the wake" I love her so much she looks so beautiful in the morning

"Oh you're welcome now go shower and I will go get Layla and Niall and we can all go out to breakfast okay?" I decided that this would be my chance so I did it

"Ally I love you I have never loved a girl like I love you I have never even felt this way" I can't believe I just confessed my love for her. She had tears running down her face... o great she didn't feel the same for me wow I am a complete fucking idiot

"Zayn I I Love you too I feel the same way I want you to know that I don't regret anything that you and I have done I can honestly say that at first I didn't know about how all this would work but now I see how much you love me and I am so glad that you feel the way I feel bout you"

I was so lucky to have a girl like her. I went to get in the sower and Ally went to go get Layla and the boys.


I went to go get Niall and Layla. I went to the room and knocked on the door but there was no answer that's weird its like 10:30. I opened the door and found Layla sleeping on the top bunk and Niall on the bottom bunk.

"Niall wake up we are going to go get some breakfast with all the lads so get up and get ready" I was so gentle when I woke Niall up because to me he was like a fragile little brother.

"Layla wake up you little douche nugget" I said as I jumped on her.

"I am awake you shower of cu-" I cut her off

"Back the hell up you are not going to call me that are you? jesus Niall says that enough around here" I chuckled.

"Well guys I will meet you downstairs we are leaving in an hour okay " I told them and Niall got up as well as Layla.


Ally was so funny when she was trying to be funny. I am glad that she invited me I think i am falling for niall. I got up and went to the bathroom and put on my cut off tank top it showed my stomach but I didn't care it was summer I threw on some short shorts. I put my hair in  messy bun I didn't bother with any makeup I really only wore it on special occasions. I was brushing my teeth when a strong pair of arms wrapped around my waist

"Good morning beautiful how are you ?" It was Niall he had on a pair of red shorts and a white tank top that made his body look irresistible

 "I am fine do you like my outfit?" I asked he looked me up and down for  moment and said

"I love it and do you kn-" He cut himself off and focused on my hips

"what's wrong Niall ? " i didn't know what he was looking at until I looked down I had forgotten about my tattoo I got it when i was like 16 it goes all the way up my side and its of some music notes

"I didn't know you had a tattoo " he was funny when he was shocked

"Yeah i got it when I was 16 why do you look so shocked?"

"Well I didn't think you would be the type of girl to get  tattoo and especially one that big either" He laughed and I just told him i wanted one so I snuck out and got it.


"Nial Layla Louis Liam and Harry we are going to get breakfast so hurry up and come down here. All the boys and Layla piled down the stairs.

"Are we all ready to go ?" Zayn asked as we went to the car everyone just said yes and piled in.

"So Layla we all saw you and Niall making out last night and this morning so are you guys a thing ?"

"Harry you're so nosy" I chimed in

"What i was just asking what was on everyones mind"

"I think that I can say we are" Niall is so cute I don't think I have seen him this happy since i moved in. we arrived at the diner and sat down in a very large booth. Zayn and I sat next to each other Niall and Layla next to us and Liam and louis and Harry next to each other on the other side of the booth. We ordered and something about me felt off I felt like i was going to be sick............





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