I Was Scared Until I Met You

Ally wasnt the luckiest girl in the world her mother died when she was 10 and was forced to live with her alcholic step father because her dad was MIA since birth. One day Ally couldnt take any more of her fathers beatings so she decides to run away having no friends and no where to go what will she do and who will she meet. Follow Ally in her ups and downs throughout the story:D


8. A Friend in need


I woke up to Zayn telling me that my breakfast was done and I thought that he was my mom, so needless to say I was a little pissed that I didn't get my breakfast. It turned out that Zayn only needed a condom which was fine by me cuz I dont use them haha I like to blow them up with water and throw them at louis when he makes me mad. To tell you the truth I was a little jealous of Zayn because he has someone to wake up to everyday  thats says I love you and means it. I just want someone who loves me like Ally loves Zayn, every girl that I have been with has just used me to get to the other boys of just wants me to help them get signed to a major record label. I guess that you could say maybe I am just  guy who girls will only think of as friends.


I love Zayn so much words cant describe how much I love the guy. I just can't shake the feeling that something in the house is off.  I look over to see that Zayn is fast asleep next to me so I decide to let him sleep. I got up and put on one of Zayns oversized t-shirts and went downstairs to find Niall sitting at the table with his head in his hands.

"Hey Niall what is wrong?" I asked putting my hand on his back as a sign of comfort. He immediately looked up at me, he had tears in his eyes.

"No Ally I am not okay" He said getting up wrapping me in a hug

"Okay well Niall I need you to tell me what is wrong so I can help you okay ?" I told him while he took a seat back in chair.

"Well I got to thinking this morning after Zayn came in to my room to ask for something that he didn't have, and well I started to think about all the girls that I have been with that have just used to get with one of the other boys or wanted to get signed to a record label and I realized that none of them ever loved me for me they only loved me because I had money and I also realized that what you and Zayn have is real and I could never possibly have something a great as what you and Zayn have." I looked at him in amazement because I always looked at Niall to be the type to always keep his emotions to himself and maybe his dad.

"Niall I know that there is a girl out there that is capable of loving you for you not what you have just plain ol' you the Niall we all know and love" I told him and he smiled and said

" So do you know anyone that is capable of doing that?" He asked I just smiled because that is typical Niall

"Well yes I do but I haven't seen her since that last time I saw my ass hole of  father and I was going to talk to Zayn about maybe flying her over  here to live with me because she is the closest thing that I have to family" I was talking about my cousin Layla I would go to her house every summer to get away from my father. She was the only one who knew about my dad and the abuse

"Really you do you think we could fly her over here I think that she would like it and where is she from and when is the earliest we could get her here?" He was talking  mile a minute and surprisingly I could catch everything that he was saying

"Niall she is from Dublin and I have to talk to Zayn before we get her here and I have to talk to her so you should maybe get some more rest and I will go talk to Zayn okay?" I am glad he wants to meet her and she has a crush him but I think they will like each other they have a lot in common with each other and well they will be good friends. I left Niall in the kitchen and I went to got see Zayn and he was back in the shower.


I woke up to find that Ally wasn't next to me so i thought that maybe she didn't have good time and that she went downstairs to clear her head. So I hope in the shower I wasn't in there 2 minutes when I heard little footsteps on the bathroom tile.

"Hey do mind if I join you ? " She asked and I just smiled

"Not at all " I said and with that she was right in the shower next to me

"So what do you say we make this shower memorable ?" She said.  We had some fun and the rest of the shower was a moment that I will keep in my mind forever.

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