I Wish

two people, one night and one song, will it all work out for Rhea?


2. The Dance


Liam’s POV I've been waiting for this night for four years. I've also been waiting for a special dance with a special girl. I don't think she likes me though. We haven't spoken in years, but I still hope she likes me. A Sadie Hawkins dance comes on and I hope I'm the one she chooses. There she is, walking towards me with a smile on her face. "Would you like to dance?" she asks. I’m about to respond that, yes, I would love to dance with her, but we are very rudely interrupted by a very fake Alex. “Well bitch,” she says to rhea, “why don’t you go dance with yourself over there so I can dance with my guy, okay?” I gaped at her. How could she be so mean? I knew rhea. I knew that she would never talk back anyways; she’s to kind to everyone, even when they don’t deserve it. Rhea looks at me, then back at Alex. “He’s all yours,” she says, and walks away, trying to hide her tears. Rhea would never backtalk to Alex especially, Alex intimidates everyone else, and some girls practically bow down to her. Alex takes my hands, and puts them on her waist, then puts her hands on my shoulders, pulling me close. I push her off. “What are you doing?!” I say. “Liam, I’m dancing with you, silly.” She replies innocently. “no.” I say. I needed to find Rhea. “No? You don’t want to dance with me?” she asks. “No. I don’t want to dance with you. How could you do that to her?” I retort. “She is SO ugly, and such a boring nerd. You’d be better off with me.” she says. “I don’t care what you think, I need to find her.” I say, walking away. “You’re choosing HER over ME?” I hear her say. “Yes.” I say, without looking back.  
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