I Wish

two people, one night and one song, will it all work out for Rhea?


4. Sparks Fly


Liam’s POV   “Why did you ask me to dance then?” I bite my tongue, wishing I could take those words back. I see her wince as soon as I say it, I never meant for them to come out that harsh. She looks away, not wanting me to see the fresh tears on her face. Then it hit me, what I was thinking about earlier. “You love me, don’t you?” I ask softly. She only manages a slight nod. She wipes her tears and starts to walk away; and I turn her around by the waist. I do the only thing I can think of, and I see that she is surprised. I lean in, and kiss her. She seems shocked, but then she kisses back. It was long, and soft, but the sweetest kiss.   Rhea’s POV   Liam kissed me! We pull away, and he says quietly, “I always loved you.” Those words I’ve been waiting for years to hear. “May I have this dance?”He asks, taking my hand and leading me onto the dance floor. It was the perfect dance. His hands on my waist, mine on his shoulders and sparks flying all around us. It was a dance worth waiting four years for.


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