I Wish

two people, one night and one song, will it all work out for Rhea?


1. Prom Night

Rhea's POV it’s the night everyone has been waiting for -Prom- and I'm on the dance floor. A Sadie Hawkins(Ladie's choice)dance comes on and I go find Liam. "Would you like to dance?" I ask. He is about to reply and I'm hopeful for his answer when Alex proudly walks up to me, telling me off. “Well, bitch, why don't you go dance with yourself over there so I can dance with my guy right here, okay?" I look at him and then back at Alex, tears starting to brim my eyes. "He’s all yours" I say, and I run off without another word. I find an empty corner in the quietest (if a dance can be quiet) part of the hall. I don't want to dance anymore. To have the dance of your dreams taken away from you by a makeup loaded high pitched slut is just awful. I pull my knees up to my chest and let the tears fall.  

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