Robbie is an ordinary kid. Annie is just a normal girl. But Robbie's family legacy puts them both in a situation of danger that they cannot avoid. If they do, it means certain death ... Can they both survive?


1. It begins


I stared down at the odd grey box. It didn’t look like anything special. In fact, it was a horrid looking thing with its carvings sticking out in strange directions.  Dad told me it had some kind of importance. I’d never actually bothered to see what was inside.

“Well?” Annie, my best friend, asked excitedly. “What is it?” I gave her an irritated look. She’d not even given me a chance to open the god damn thing!

I prized the ugly looking box open, dust making its way into my eyes. Inside there was a single note.

Go to the stream. I will know if you ignore this. A piece of advice. Do not. – CR

Annie gave me a questioning look. Why was she so impatient? I stared at it, dumbfounded.

“Oh give it here already!” Annie snapped, snatching the old, crumpled piece of paper out of my hands. I glared furiously at her. She was even more violent than most days and I had no idea why.

“Robbie, what is this rubbish? You’re dad said it was something important.” Annie said finally. Didn’t she think I knew that? This was a load of rubbish! It did creep me out though. Whoever it was said they’d know if I ignored the message. Was it a cruel prank?

“Oh god! You’re not actually thinking of going, are you?” She teased but her usual playfulness was gone. She was being plain cruel. I stood up, feeling my hands ball into fists.

“Yeah, I was actually.” I snapped angrily and walked out of the dusty attic.

My house was large. When I say large, I mean large. It had three floors, not including the attic, and my parents had a thing for expensive items.

I raced down the stairs, Annie silently following behind me. As I descended the steep, creaking staircases, I tried to understand what Annie was so cross about. Had I done something? With girls, you could never tell.

As I pulled the front door open, I felt a wave of cold air drench me. I shivered. Why did England have to be so god damn cold? I pulled my coat around me just as Annie appeared at my side. When I saw her shivering unstoppably, I took it off without a second thought, handing it to her. I noticed the shock register on her face before what I thought was a deep scarlet blush.

“Thanks, Robbie.” She muttered, hiding her face from me. A warm feeling set in my stomach, as if making her blush made me feel tons better.

We headed out to my back garden. It was a very large group of fields until my ancestors bought it all and built the house I now live in. There’s a ton of old books and historical artefacts.

The stream wasn’t far off. It was only a five minute walk, in fact. As we were walking, I felt Annie grip my hand. My insides twisted and I felt my head grow dizzy. I assured myself she’d only done this as she was cold and anxious. It wasn’t possible that she ... you know, had feelings for me.

“Robbie, I’m scared.” She whispered so quietly that I was barely sure she even said it. I knew exactly why.

We’d both been running around near the stream, five years ago. Annie’s chubby, beautiful face grinned up at me as we raced around, trying to catch each other. Suddenly, we’d heard a gunshot. Then silence. Her little brother had been shot. Of course, he’d been okay after going to hospital but Annie always had the feeling they’d come again.

I squeezed her hand, hoping it would give her some comfort. I could never understand what went through her head but I always wanted to impress her, make her feel better. It was something I couldn’t explain.

The stream glistened beautifully, even in this dim light. Annie looked around nervously, as if men with guns were going to jump out at any seconds. She released my hand and I moved away with great reluctance. Why did I always feel like this with her?

“So, who exactly are we waiting for?” Annie muttered quietly, rubbing her hand together. I felt the cold grip reach out to me, trying to turn me into ice. I shivered, turning to her.

“I actually don’t know.” I replied and Annie and I exchanged glances. There was a pause and then she spluttered with laughter. I looked at her, unsure whether to laugh with her or remain silent. In the end, I couldn’t help but laugh.

We decided to sit there and talk for awhile. I held the note, checking I hadn’t missed anything. Of course, I hadn’t. I reread the note so many times I lost count. Annie sat silently as I stared down at it.

“So, you really think they’ll show?” She said finally. I knew she thought the note was a load of rubbish but she decided not to say so.

“Yeah, I really-”

“You came.” A silky voice muttered. Annie’s eyes widened. My eyes met two big violet ones. I had to stop myself from gasping. She was beautiful. The girl standing before me had wavy curls of blonde hair and was dressed in some crazy purple robes.

“Yeah ... I guess.” I managed to spit out. Annie’s eyes hardened.

“What do you want?” She snapped. I gave her a quick glare which she returned. What was with the mood swings? I gave the girl an apologetic look as she studied Annie with a confused look on her face.

“I am Halie. I am your family’s legacy.” She gave me a swift look. “You’re in danger. Anywhere outside the house borders is no longer safe.” She must have seen the confused look on my face as she continued.

“I assume you both remember the incident that happened here. Well, that was no coincidence. People are after you. You aren’t safe. I tried to warn people that they must come here. They must learn and survive. They never listened. They ended up dead.” It felt like time had slowed down all of a sudden. They died? Could that really be true? My dad was dead. Did that mean he had ignored the letter too? He did always seem on edge, barely ever leaving the building. Somehow, dad’s death all started to fall into place. I understood.

“Annie, you have to leave. I won’t let you get hurt too.” I told her, holding her frozen hands in mine. “This is my family’s legacy. I’ll sort it out.” I didn’t feel anywhere near as brave as I sounded. I could feel my legs starting to shake from pure fear. But Annie couldn’t be here. She couldn’t get hurt. I don’t know what I’d do if she did.

“Robbie, don’t be an idiot.” She whispered fiercely. “I’m not going anywhere.” She gave me a quick smile and turned to Halie, a fierce expression on her face.

“So?” Annie asked her, a cool gaze not dropping from her face. I rolled my eyes. What was actually wrong with her today? Did Halie deserve this treatment? Halie smiled softly, ignoring Annie’s furious glares.

“First, we must get you back to the house.” She explained in a low voice, gesturing for us to leave. We were just about to get moving when we heard some rustling. A gun man dropped down from a tree just behind us. Annie let out a yelp and stood closer to me. Two more dropped from trees, circling us whilst at least a dozen others charged around, to trap us.

“Easier said than done.” I muttered glumly.

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