Running is easy, standing still is hard.


1. Running

Run, run, run, that's all I know any more because of the humans. We call them leg walkers in my world, or we used to at least. My world was attacked by leg walkers that came in ships only two years ago, I was hiding behind my favourite rock watching the humans on the shore when it happened, I was the only one who wasn't killed. I don't even know what really happened, all I know is that a ship was shooting harpoons into the water and then the ocean turned red with blood. I was so scared that for a moment I simply stared in horror before I forced myself under the waves, it was there that I saw the massacre. bodies of mer-folk lay broken and bloodied on the ocean floor. I screamed but there was no-one to hear me, I swam to my home and found that the harpoons had broken through the windows and killed my mother and father. I swam back outside and screamed for help but there was no-one, I was alone for once in my life, I was scared. I quickly grew frantic and struggled to calm down, it was all too much, the blood, the bodies. I suddenly remember something that my father had told me, mermaids get legs on dry land. I was so frightened that I didn't allow myself any time to think, I just swam as fast as my golden tale could carry me. I pushed through the waves, my tail grew achy and tired. When I got to shore I collapsed onto of a rock, the sharp edges cut through the skin on my stomach but I ignored the pain and pushed myself further onto the jagged rock. The tide was out enough now that when my legs grew I would be able to walk to the sand without my tail growing back. As my tail dried and my legs grew a dress made of the finest silk formed around me, the colour is the same as my tail, a shimmering gold. I struggled to me shaking legs and walked to the sand, after that I didn't think, I just ran.

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