Running is easy, standing still is hard.


2. Recognition

That memory still haunts me, even now I can't get the bloodied face of my mother out of my mind. Yet I still pray, I am thankful that I hadn't seen my older sister, Amarie, in our home along with all those bodies and I pray that she escaped like me. I could have gone to another colonies, they would have taken me in no questions asked, instead I went from town to town acting human. Now I am settled in a village that sits only ten feet from the ocean, it is the closest I have felt to home in two years. I was just sitting in my room in the house I share with my friend Cathy when she rushed in.

"Sareana, they're back, they're back!" She exclaimed and began dragging me through the front door and out into the street. "Oh just wait till you meet my brother, Alex. I can't believe they're back!" She kept saying as she dragged me through the cobble path way towards the docks, I laughed as I pulled her to a stop and for once it wasn't false. Cathy looked back at me in anguish and I felt bad but I wanted to know what was going on. 

"Cathy calm down, what happened, who's back?" I asked and she gave me one of her, wow-I-can't-believe-you-don't-know, looks. I seemed to be getting them a lot from her. 

"My brother and his crew, they went on a voyage two years ago and they just docked in the harbour. They even say they captures this weird half human half fish thing!" Cathy exclaimed excitedly again. My heart stopped beating and my blood turned to ice, a mer-person, Cathy was describing a mer-person! This time I didn't need my friend to pull me to the marina, I all but sprinted there on my own. At one point I took my shoes off and ran as fast as I could without losing Cathy behind me. There was a large crowd near the docks but I managed to squeeze through to the front, I saw men coming off the ship and saw two of them carrying a net. Inside the net, just as Cathy had said, was a mermaid. She wasn't any random mermaid though, she was my sister. 

"No!" I whispered  just as Cathy came up beside me. She looked at my sister in disgust, then she turned her attention back to me. 

"Would you look at that Sareana, It's positively amazing, but it is so weird." Cathy breathed and I almost yelled at her that she and all the other humans around me were the weird ones. I saw the men harshly drop Amarie on the decking, she cried out in pain and people laughed. I had to physically restrain myself  from running to her. I shook my head in pain, God what could I do? The man who seemed to be the leader stepped forward and began to speak. 

"Look here, two years age we came across a whole society of they creatures. In our attempts to slay them all we caught this  one trying to escape. We bring it before you today to show that we will always protect our village from any evil!" The man yelled and the crowd around me cheered, Cathy looked at the man speaking like we was some great hero. "Tonight," the man continued, "I will slay the creature at this very spot as a warning!" The crowd roared with excitement and I my sister found me and met my eyes, tears streamed down my cheeks. 

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