You stole my heart with just one look <3 (Completed)

Blair was just a normal girl who idolized and loves One Direction. When she finally gets a ticket and a backstage pass to see her #1boy band she immediately books a flight to Vancouver. But when she arrives, she gets accidentally dragged by one of 1D and one of them falls in love with her deeply, which changes her whole world.


27. Who said you can go?

~ Niall's P.OV ~

When we got to Cassidy's place her parents weren't home only her younger sister Samantha and her twin sister Mikayla. I knew both of them wanted to scream but they kept calm, then their best friend Payden came and it was pretty obvious that she had a thing for Zayn, but Zayn didn't even checked her out which is surprising because Payden was pretty hot. Mikayla was pretty arrogant, saying that Blair and I won't last? I love Blair already and for some reason she makes me happy when usually only sex makes me happy but just staring at Blair freaking turns me on! Anyways while we were waiting for Cassidy's parents to come home from work Cassidy started to pack and Blair helped her out meanwhile Zayn and I chilled with the girls in the living room watching T.V. 

" So girls Vas Happeennin ? " Zayn smiled, breaking the awkward silence.

" Oh you know just chilling with One Direction " Mikayla smiled.

" Hey guys, please treat us normal doesn't mean we're famous you guys have to act like that. " I said.

" Alright, Ni " Sam smiled. 

Samantha is very pretty, kind and sweet. Sam acted normal and nice with us earlier, she doesn't look like she's the kind of girl that will break guys heart, she'd be perfect with a player like Harry. 

Harry got his heart broken before that's why he's like that right now, just randomly having sex with models or pretty girls that he meets in the club. I bet Samantha's kindness would soften he's heart again and make him stop being an asshole to girls and treat them right. I need to make this work. 

" Where's Cassidy's room ? " I asked Mikayla.

" Downstairs, first door on the left. " She said and smiled.

" Thanks love " I smiled and walked to Cassidy's room. I knocked.

" Come in! " Cassidy yelled. I walked in her room and her room is covered in posters of us but mostly Zayn, her room was well organized she had a study table with a bunch of One Directions stuff and one study table with books and school stuff, her room was pretty big, she had her own full bathroom and big walking closet. You could pretty much see everything from just stepping in her room.

" What's up babe? " Blair asked, hugging me.

" I gotta asked Cassidy a question. " I smiled and kissed her forehead.

" What ? " Cassidy looked at me with a serious face.

" Don't worry its nothing serious. " I giggled.

Cassidy sighed of relief  " whew you scared me. What do you need? " 

" Samantha.. " I said.

" What about her? " she stopped folding her clothes and looked at me.

" Who's her favorite out of all of us? " I asked, hoping that it would  be Harry. 

" Oh, Harry . " Cassidy answered and turned around to her clothes .

" YES! " I shouted.

" Why? " I asked.

" Well I'm gonna hook up Sam and Harry so she's coming with us ! " I said and took my phone out.

"Wait what? " Blair said. " Niall, you know Harry is a player. He will only break Samantha's heart so no! " Blair snatched my phone out of my hand. 

" Sam will soften Harry again. Sam will heal his broken heart. Trust me on this one. " I said softly.

" I do trust you but Samantha's heart is important, she's like a little sister to me and she's precious to me. " Blair said and then the door opened. It was Samantha.

" I'm really glad that you worry about me but I'll be alright. You know how much I love Harry and how much I support him " Samantha said with tears in her eyes. " I might get hurt but it'll be worth it. Trust me " 

I looked at Blair. " Alright but if he does something to you, I will murder him. " Blair glared at me with a boy-you're-in-trouble look I just smiled at her. " One sec, I gotta call Paul. " I walked out of the room and called Paul.

While the phone was ringing, I was nervous I hoping that Paul would agree.

* Convo with Paul * 

" Helloooo! " Paul yelled.

" Paul? What's up with you? " I was confused.

" Ohh youuuuuuuuu knnnnnnnooooooooooww! Just hhaavinng fuunnn ! " Paul laughed.

OMG He's drunk! Perfect timing! 

" Cool. Anyways can another girl  come to tour with us? " I said.

" yeaa suuree!! Whyy not? " He answered quickly and hanged up.

* End Convo *

Well that was quick! I ran back to Cassidy and told her that her sister is coming and Blair and Cassidy we're incredibly excited. I ran back upstairs with Cassidy and Blair.

" You should tell her! " I said to Blair.

" No you tell her! " Blair laughed.

" grr fine! " I groaned. " Hey Sam! " I walked up to her.

" Yea? " She turned around to look at me

" You should start packing! " I smiled.

" Why? " her eyes widened.

" Cause you're going on tour with us! " Blair shouted running towards her, hugging her! 

I laughed. I knew she was gonna do that.

" Whaatt? " Mikayla said. " Why can't Payden and I come? " She frowned.

" Well I'm sorry ladies, I seriously don't want to be rude but only 3 girls can come cause Liam and Louis have gf's and they're coming too. " I said sadly.

Mikayla and Payden frowned then the front door opens.

" We're home. " 

" Heey momm and dad!! " Cassidy and Sam runs to them 

" what do you two want? " her mom asks and I laughed.

Her mom looks at me and Zayn.

" Cassie? Isn't that the guys your love so much? How'd you get a robot version like them ? " She looks at Cass.

" Mom! They're real! Remember I told you, Blair met the boys and she's dating Niall! " Cassidy says

" oh ya! Well what are they doing here?" she asked

" Well mom umm Sam and I are going with them on a tour for the whole summer. Zayn's my boyfriend mom. " Cassidy said with the biggest smile.

" Wait what? Who said you can go ? " Her mom said seriously.

Blair and I looked at each other and Cassidy looked at Zayn. We all had the what-are-we-gonna-do-now-face! 

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