You stole my heart with just one look <3 (Completed)

Blair was just a normal girl who idolized and loves One Direction. When she finally gets a ticket and a backstage pass to see her #1boy band she immediately books a flight to Vancouver. But when she arrives, she gets accidentally dragged by one of 1D and one of them falls in love with her deeply, which changes her whole world.


38. Way to start the perfect summer <3

Blair's P.O.V


Finally we arrived at the pool and holy, it was empty, it was clean, and decorated. How did they do all of this in 2 hours? I asked myself.

" Woohhoooooo!! Time to party guys!! " Harry yelled and took his shirt of and quickly ran up the steepest slide! 

Danielle, Eleanor, Cassidy, Samantha and I stayed by the tables to get food ready and changed since the boys already had their swimming shorts on all of them headed to the slides. 

" We should order some pizza, I bet you those boys would be so hungry " Danielle suggested. 

" Great idea " Dani smiled. " Blair why don't you come with me to the front desk and tell them that we're gonna be ordering pizza and they should bring to our table when it gets here ! " 

" I would love to " I smiled and walked with Danielle. " So how are you and Liam ? " I asked

" We're really good! How's you and Niall? " Dani asked. "

" Well I know it's really early for us to start dating since we just met but my feelings for him are unexplainable, I like him a lot " I blushed. 

" Ya? Well you guys are pretty cute together, Niall is just so hyper though I would never be able to handle his hyperness " She laughed. 

I chuckled " Yes but I'm really really hyper too, you'll see once I get comfortable with you guys " 

We both laughed. When we arrived to the front desk, there was some family that was trying to get in and parents arguing with the manager about the place being closed without notice. 

" I'm sorry but the Water Park is closed for personal reasons and we can't let anyone in " I heard the manager say.

I pulled Dani to the side and hide from the parents so we wouldn't cause any drama. 

" I feel bad.. " I whispered.

" I know so do I but we rented this whole place so whatever, not our problem " Danielle just turned around   " Let's go back ".

" Alright " I quietly said, I looked back one more time and I really felt bad for the kids that looked so excited to play. 

Danielle and I walked back in silence. The boys were sitting down soaked, waiting for Dani and I to get back. 

" Hey baby ' Niall grabbed my waist and pressed me against him. 

" You're soaked!! " I pulled away, laughing " I don't want my clothes to get wet ! "

" Then why don't you take some layers off and come to the hot tub with me " Niall. 

Honestly, that turned me on Niall was good looking, his blonde hair, six pack and soaking wet body just makes him look so attractive. 

" I'll be there " I winked.

Samantha and Cassidy both ran to me " oohhhhh what was that? " Cassidy poked me

" Someone's horny " Samantha winked. 

I started to blush " Shut up guys! Come on, let's go and change " I pulled them over.

" Wait for us !!! " Danielle and El grabbed their stuff and followed us. 


Zayn's P.O.V.


The girls looked like they were getting along and that's really good! 

" Guys, our girls looked so good together don't they? Only if they can sing they could be band and work with us eh? " Harry said.

" Eleanor can sing.. " Louis said. 

" Danielle too " Liam said.. 

I looked at Niall and Harry and we all looked at each other with blank faces, we all don't know if our girlfriends can sing or not... 

" Well I don't know if Samantha can sing but she has a body of a model " Harry bragged " God she's like Aphrodite " 

" Who's Aphrodite ? " Niall murmured with food stuffed in his mouth. 

" Aphrodite is the beauty of Goddess, Niall " Liam explained. " You know what kind of god you are if you were to be a god? " Liam said.

" What? " Niall asked. " God of Food " Liam laughed and so did we! 

" Shut up guys " Niall frowned and still eating.


Eleanor's P.O.V

Blair, Cassidy and Samantha are so cool! They're fun to be with and especially Blair, she is funny! Totally match with Niall. Cassidy is kind of quiet and mysterious just like Zayn and Samantha is laid-back, quiet and full of manners! The complete opposite of Harry but in some ways they match! I smiled thinking about this, the boys are happy and I made new awesome beautiful friends but for some reason Danielle seems like to not like the girls, hmm? I wonder why! i'll talk to her later when we're alone.. 


Danielle's P.O.V 

Blair, Cassidy and Samantha seems like to be using the boys and I cannot let that ruin that band or get their hearts broken. Samantha seems to be alright but I really don't trust Cassidy and for some reason I don't trust Blair at all, I have to figure out what they are up to. So I have to play it cool and get along with them, earn their trusts. But Eleanor seems to like them already which is not good. 


Blair's P.O.V

After we got changed, then 10 of us got into different slides and all went at the same! I tried the steepest slide for the first time and it was scary but fun! Niall and I went to the Radical Rapids, Valley of Fear, raced to the Tebular Terror and we all got together and went on the Colossal Canyon! The boys raced down the Zero-60 Raceway, Niall won and the girls and I raced and of course I won! We didn't get the chance to order pizza and so at the end of the night, all the boys were whining even Liam was whining about being really hungry and the girls I weren't that hungry at all! It was a pain in the bum! El called for chinese food and it'll take a lil while for the food to be done and get here! 


" Babe, let's go by that small pool over there " Niall pulled me with him 

" Let's keep it PG Niall! " Liam yelled! 

" find your own pool then! " Niall yelled back and I hit him on the shoulder

I heard everyone laguh and before I know, I was down by the pool, making-out with Niall like there's no tomorrow..

I gasped " Oh Niall let me breath " I gasped for air ! Niall was touching me everywhere, kissing my neck and I can feel his part very hard between my legs. 

" I want you " he seductively whispered in my ear. And my eyes widened and backed away .. " What's wrong ? " Niall said, confused.

" We can't " I murmured. 

" You can't be on your period.. ? " Niall's eyebrows met..

" No but.. " I paused " You don't understand.. I can't not right now " I got out of the pool and left him..

I don't know why but I still can't do it, it's too early and it wasn't the right time. I hate this 

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