You stole my heart with just one look <3 (Completed)

Blair was just a normal girl who idolized and loves One Direction. When she finally gets a ticket and a backstage pass to see her #1boy band she immediately books a flight to Vancouver. But when she arrives, she gets accidentally dragged by one of 1D and one of them falls in love with her deeply, which changes her whole world.


22. Tomorrow

~ Niall's P.O.V ~ 

" So what's up with Blair? " Zayn asked. 

" She's back in Fort Nelson. " I sighed and threw my phone on the table.

" Oh man! I'm sorry! " Zayn said.

" Don't be cause we're going to Fort Nelson tomorrow to pick her up! " I said and jumped.

" Really??????? " Louis jumped!! 

" And guess what else? " I said excitedly.

" What what what what? " Louis asked like a little kid.

" She's going on tour with us! I already talked to Paul and I only need to do is convince Blair when we surprise her tomorrow. " I smiled.

"Yay!!! " Liam screamed and all of them gave me a hug. 

" I'm gonna head to bed though! And guys book a flight! " I said and headed to my room..


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