You stole my heart with just one look <3 (Completed)

Blair was just a normal girl who idolized and loves One Direction. When she finally gets a ticket and a backstage pass to see her #1boy band she immediately books a flight to Vancouver. But when she arrives, she gets accidentally dragged by one of 1D and one of them falls in love with her deeply, which changes her whole world.


31. Starbucks for breakfast!

" Niall's P.O.V "

I woke up and Blair was still heavily asleep, she must've been tired from crying and staying up late last night I thought. I got off the bed as quiet as I can so I won't wake her up. I went to the bathroom, washed my face and put on my blue sweat pants and a white shirt. I go out of my room to the kitchen finding Zayn sitting by the counter, his hair was already done and stuff but he was wearing just gray sweat pants and green shirt.

" Good morning mate. " I yawned.

" Morning. " Zayn answered.

" Cassidy still sleeping, I'm guessing? " I sat down beside me. Man I am so hungry! 

" Yea same with Blair? " He asked.

" Yea. Where are the others ? " I asked.

" All still sleeping. " He answered and took a bite out of this sandwich with Nutella in it. 

" ahh. We should go get 'em breakfast. Since Harry is still asleep and neither of us can cook. So let's go! " I smiled.

" Kay bro. Let me get my keys. " Zayn got off his chair and went to his room quietly to grab he's car key. I walked to the door, put my sweater on and hood on.

" All ready? " I asked when I Zayn just finished putting his sweater on. 

" Yup! Leggo! " Zayn excitingly said.

We walked to the parking lot and got in Zayn's car. As we were driving to Starbucks, I thought maybe he should know what I heard last night. And maybe he can help me about this Chase thing with Blair that I've been struggling with.

" Zayn listen to me. Last night I felt Blair walk out of the room and I followed her, when I was about to get out of the room to see what's wrong, Cassidy comes out. Blair was crying over this guy Chase, he did something to her that she's terrified about so much that she won't have sex with me, she lied to me last night telling me that it was the time of the month when it wasn't. Cassidy was comforting her telling her that she has me now and I wouldn't do what Chase did to her which I don't know. And right now I don't know what to do. " I frowned.

" hmm that's a tough one. Well maybe just wait and see maybe Blair will tell you soon. Honestly it's too early for you guys to have sex, it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet and you already wanna do that? You love her right? " Zayn parked in front of Starbucks and looked at me in the eye. 

" Yes " I answered whole heartedly 

" Then you gotta understand first, right now its good that you have a hint already about what's going on with her, just be patience for now and try to make her happy. I know she loves you too and she will tell you, you just have to give it time and faith. " Zayn deeply said. 

" Thanks mate! I knew it was the right thing to talk to you first. " I tap his shoulder.

" No problem mate. " we both go out of the car, put our hood up and walked in the store. 

When we got to the till the girl in the counter noticed us so quickly, she must be a real fan. But before she could even scream. 

" Shh! Please don't scream and let's keep this secret that we're here " Zayn winked at her. 

" Uhh yes f-or suuree! " She stuttered.

" Thanks! " I smiled at her. 

" What can I get for you, Sir? " She calmly asked. Very impressive.

" Niall do you know what Blair wants ? " Zayn looked at me

" Well she likes chocolate. Can I get a venti double chocolotay chip frappe, and venti white hot chocolate " I paused and looked at her name tag " Danielle " it says. " Please Danielle " I smiled.

" And I will get 10 Banana bread with chocolate chip, 2 pieces of that carrot cupcake " Danielle cut him. 

" Let met guess for Louis? " She laughed. 

" yes, anyways that and 10 Bacon, egg and cheese roll. " Zayn finished.

" And what about for drinks for you, Liam and Harry ? " she asked.

" Right. Just get 8 White Hot Chocolate and another 8 Double Chocolaty Chip Frappucino, oh wait make that 7and 1 Caramel Frappucino. " Zayn ordered. 

" Why so much? " She asked.

" There's more people than just us. " Zayn answered.

" Who likes caramel? " I asked.

" Cassidy doesn't like chocolate. " Zayn answered.

" ahh. "

" Alright we'll make that quickly please wait . " She smiled.

Zayn and I sat down looking away from the people. It was mostly old people there but who knows they could be fans too. 

" By the way, they were talking about us too. " I said to Zayn.

" Did Cassidy say anything about me? " Zayn curiously asked.

" She likes you a lot. " I smiled.

" Probably because I'm Zayn Malik and we're famous. Be careful man. I know you love Blair but they could be using us. But I love Cassidy so much that I don't care, I will let her use me. " Zayn softly said.

" No! Man the girls that we've been looking for still exist and that's them. When I was eavesdropping, I heard Cassidy say that she wishes that we weren't famous so that it would be easier to be together. " I looked at Zayn's face and he lit up. 

" Really ? " Zayn smiled. 

" Yea. Man we sound like girls talking about this. " I laughed.

" Haha true. " Zayn laughed. 15 minutes later Danielle came up to us with our food and drinks. Man thank god I was starving.

" Here you go boys. Have a great day! " Danielle smiled.

" Thank you so much. " I smiled. I pulled out my wallet and pulled out 2 concert tickets. " Here, thank you "  I handed out to her. 

" Oh my god. Thank you so  much. My sister would be extremely happy. " Danielle jumped in happiness. " Honestly, my sister is fighting cancer right now and every time I would visit her One Direvtion is the only thing she talks about, how you guys are her inspiration and how she idolizes One Direction. She said she's gonna keep fighting and one day she'll meet you guys. " Danielle teared  up.

" What's her name? " I asked.

" Ashley " she answered.

" Alright, make sure she comes to the concert and we'll do the rest there. " I answered.

" Thank you so much. " Danielle walked away.

" Man that's so heart breaking. I hope that she get over cancer. " I smiled.

" We'll make that concert special for her " Zayn said.

" Yea but we gotta get going, everyone must be awake already. " We got in the vehicle and went back to the hotel.

~ Blair's P.O.V ~

I woke up and I was alone. Niall was nowhere to be found and he left his phone here and the others were still asleep. I sat down on the couch, hungry and craving for Starbucks. I looked for a pen and piece of paper, " Hey I'm going Starbucks guys I'll be quick " I said on the note. I left in on the kitchen counter, grabbed Niall's car keys, and right when I opened the door and out of nowhere before I know it Zayn was on top of me.

" Ow! " I exclaimed.

" Oh shit! Blair I'm sorry " Zayn quickly got off me.

" Babe are you okay? " Niall kneeled down beside me. 

" Yea. Where have you guys been? " I asked.

" We went to Starbucks to grab breakfast. " Niall answered. " Are you going somewhere? "

" I was just about to drive to Starbucks to get breakfast. " I laughed.

" Oh, what a coincidence. Let's get you up now " Niall helped me get up off the floor. 

" What do you guys have? Please tell me you have Double Chocolaty Chip Frappucino!! " I squealed.  

Niall and Zayn looked at each other and smiled. 

" Yes we do and we got everyone too. " Niall said.

" Please tell you got something different than that? " Cassidy said out of nowhere.

" Here babe I got you a caramel frappucino. I remembered that you don't like chocolate so here. " Zayn walked to Cassidy gave her a quick kiss and handed her frappucino. 

" Thanks babe. You know me so well " Cassidy blushed.

Everyone, like one by one got up and Harry was last one that got up. 

" Good morning Mr. Hangover " I teased.

" Shut up, Blair! " Harry exclaimed. " Guys! I had a dream last night that there was a beautiful girl here, her name was Samantha and she was gorgeous. I dreamt that we slept in the same bed last night. Only if it was true. You guys have no idea how beautiful she was, her face was like an angel face, the way her blonde hair naturally curled. Man she was beautiful. " Harry freaked out. We all looked at each other and laughed. 

" Good morning Harry. How was your sleep? " Samantha came up to him.

Harry turned around, rolling his eyes on us and frowned but when he saw Samantha's face, he was speechless.

" Guys! She's here!! " Harry looked at us.

" Who? I don't see anyone? " I looked around pretending I didn't see Samantha. And everyone got the joke. We pretended that we couldn't see Samantha, making Harry believe that she as an angel. 

" Blair she's right here!! In front of me! " Harry exclaimed." Niall look can't you see? " 

" Mate, maybe you're still drunk. We can't see anyone standing in front of you. " Niall seriously said.

" Liam, you're the most mature here please tell me you see her and that she's real ! " Harry tearing up, he was about to cry

" Guys cut it out. Yes she's real and she's not an angel. " Liam confessed.

" Liam!! " Everyone said.

" Sorry you guys! " Liam apologized. But we all just laughed.

" Not funny you guys. " Harry shouted.

Samantha just softly smiled at Harry " I'm sorry " 

" Don't be sorry love! It wasn't your fault. " Harry said to Samantha.

" Well I saved your food for you. " Sam handed it to Harry. 

" Thank you. " Harry thanked Samantha in such a nice way.

Everyone just sat down in the living room and ate. After breakfast, everyone got ready for the day .

" This should be a good day " I smiled at Niall. 

Niall leaned down and kissed me passionately . 



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