You stole my heart with just one look <3 (Completed)

Blair was just a normal girl who idolized and loves One Direction. When she finally gets a ticket and a backstage pass to see her #1boy band she immediately books a flight to Vancouver. But when she arrives, she gets accidentally dragged by one of 1D and one of them falls in love with her deeply, which changes her whole world.


26. One Direction Tour :)

~ Blair's P.O.V ~

So Zayn and Cassidy are now dating and obviously she's going on tour with us! The boys walked me and Cassidy to her house because she needed to pack. We decided to leave the next day because I couldn't bare the people in this town and Niall is dying for Nando's I swear if it was possible Niall could turn into a chicken cause of how much he eats at Nando's. When we got there Cassie's sisters were shocked! Especially Samantha she couldn't believe that Niall Horan was inside her house and she was standing right in front of him holding my hands. 

" I'm going to steal her from you for a second. " Samantha pulls me away. 

" Bring her back soon " Niall smiled at Sammy and I could see that if it was possible she would've melted.

" Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! " Sammy squealed at me

" What? " I laughed.

" You are dating NIALL? " she said

" haha ya! Umbelievable eh? " I said

" uhh yaa!! I never thought it would actually happened. " she cried. " I'm so jealous " 

" Don't be! Damn too bad Harry is not here! Sucks to be him ! " I frowned

" Where is Louis, Liam and Harry? " Sam asked.

" They didn't want to stay so they left right away this morning. " I said.

" Why? "

" They didn't like Fort Nelson cause it's too small and they couldn't " live " " I laughed.

" How come Zayn stayed? " She asked.

" Cause Zayn likes Cassidy and they're dating! " I confessed.

" WHAT? " She screamed and ran up to Cassidy. She didn't realize that they've been holding hands this whole time.

" Since when?? " Sam yelled.

" Just now. " Zayn answered.

The door blew open when Payden comes in screaming how Bailey, Ryan and Poppy made a status saying they saw Niall, Zayn, Cassidy and I all together, she stopped when she saw Zayn smiling at her.

" oh Hello. " Payden calmed down so quick.

" Hi! " Niall waved. 

" Hey! " Zayn smiled.

" Hey Pay!! " I hugged her. 

I can read all over her face that why would the guys date us? I can see that she was about to steal Zayn from Cassidy too which got me really worried because Payden is beautiful but so is Cassidy. Besides Payden is still dating Dylan.

" How did this happen ? " Payden asked.

" Ya how did you meet them? " Mikayla asked.

" I don't know that story either. " Cassidy looked at me.

" Haha this is a funny story! Tell 'em babe how we all met. " Niall said

Everyone looked at me, we all sat at the living room and I told them.

" Okay so when I arrived at the airport there was fans, photographers everywhere. I was on my way to get my suitcase stuff when I saw them They started to walk closer to me, just talking and laughing while speed walking trying to get away. As they got closer to me all of them hold hands and out of nowhere I get dragged inside a limo. Obviously it was them. Louis accidentally dragged me instead of Niall. When we got in the limo the Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis noticed that Niall was gone and I was there. One by one they all asked where Niall was, I was clueless, no idea what happened completely shocked that I was with them. They stopped the limo got out of the car and looked for Niall. They told me to stay in the limo because paparazzi's might get the wrong idea and fans might go crazy. They all got back in the car, Niall was found. When they were about to drop me off somewhere, I realized that I don't have my stuff at all, no cellphone, no money, no clothes because Louis dragged me and I dropped my purse. " I paused.


Look at them for a sec, Niall had the biggest smile on his face.

" Niall why don't you continue? " I smiled.

" uhh.. okay. Well anyways, Zayn let Blair borrow his cellphone to call her sister and when we found out that her sister got called in to work, Blair didn't want to stay at her sister's house alone with her boyfriend, telling her sister that she's just gonna get a hotel, forgetting that she didn't had anything on her so we insisted that she can stay at the hotel with us. At first she refused but Louis and Harry begged her to stay with us so much that she agreed. Harry organized our rooms, Blair and I stayed in room together, Zayn and Harry then Louis and Liam. Okay so Blair and I slept on the same bed... then the next day when Blair and I finished getting ready we walked in Harry and Zayn having a pillow fight. " Niall paused and glared at me and started to laugh! 

" What's so funny? " Sammy asked.

" Niall it's not funny!! " I hit him on the arm.

" What happened? " Mikayla asked.

" Well Harry was on top of the bed fully naked and I saw everything. but thank god, he was facing Zayn so I just saw his bum! " I blushed. " And  I covered my eyes quickly too! " 

" You guys could've seen her face when she woke up too. It was priceless. " Niall burst laughing.

" Oh my don't even start!! " I yelled.

" What did her face looked like? "Mikayla asked.

" Well she laying her head on my chest and we were cuddled then I whispered good morning then she quickly opens her eyes and screams " Niall laughed.

" Why would you scream? " Cassidy looked at me

" Well wouldn't you scream when you wake up in Zayn's arms? " I asked her.

" True truee. " Cassie blushes, I glare at Zayn giving him the go-hold-her-hand-or-something look and he understood me so he moved closer beside her putting his arms around her waist. I know Cassie just wants to burst out! 

" Well anyways Cassidy start packing! " I demanded

" Pack for what? " Sam asked.

" Oh ya! Cassidy is going to One Direction Tour with us! " I said proudly

" What? OMG CAN I COME? " Payden and Mikayla said at the same time. I looked at Niall. And he wiggled his head.

" Sorry. Paul is pretty strict , I just begged him to let Blair and Cassidy go. Sorry ladies! " Niall hugged both of them

" How long is it? " Payden asked.

" The whole summer " Zayn said.

" THE WHOLE SUMMER? " Samantha yelled.

" Aren't you guys worried that you might not stay that long together? " Mikayla just said. We all look at her wierdly, that was very rude. " Well I'm not trying to rude but they ARE FAMOUS ! " Mikayla scoffed.

" I know that Blair and I will stay more than 2 months " Niall gave me a quick kiss. I looked over Payden, Mikayla and Samantha who was completely shocked.


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