You stole my heart with just one look <3 (Completed)

Blair was just a normal girl who idolized and loves One Direction. When she finally gets a ticket and a backstage pass to see her #1boy band she immediately books a flight to Vancouver. But when she arrives, she gets accidentally dragged by one of 1D and one of them falls in love with her deeply, which changes her whole world.


24. Kisses

~ Blair's P.O.V ~ 

I kissed Niall again and this time we're for sure that we're dating. After we kissed he asked me to be his girlfriend and obviously I said yes. Niall helped me pack my stuff.

" Niall the tour isn't it next week? " I asked.

" Yup! " He smiled.

" so you guys are off for the rest of the week right? " I said.

" Yea why? " he looked at me.

" Omg! Can we please stay for 2 days? " I asked.

" No no no no!! " he exclaimed.

" And why not? " I groaned.

" because I won't live! I can't live without Nando's! " he shouted like a little kid.

" fine then. You can go choose Nando's over me. " I turned my back to him crossing my arms.

" Fine fine! " he gave up.

" Yay!! I love you! " I gave him a quick peck on the lips.

" I love you too! " he smiled.

" Come on! Let's walk around town! And in here we can actually walk around freely, no paparazzi's or crazy fans, maybe just a few. " I said and grabbed his hand.

We walked out of my room and saw Zayn and Cassidy playing around. 

" Guys we're staying here for a another couple days. " Niall shouted.

" oh not me! " Liam said.

" and me " Louis yelled.

" definitely not me. " Harry shouted.

" I'll stay with you. " Zayn said and all the boys looked at him. " What? " Zayn exclaimed.

" Well you guys can go back, we'll see you in a few days. " Niall said.

" Alrighty! " Harry frowned. Louis, Liam and Harry hugged me and left.

" We're gonna go and walk around town, you guys wanna come? " I asked Cassie and Zayn who seems to be getting along.

" For sure! " Cassie smiled. Zayn grabbed Cassidy's hand and all of us walked around town.

" We should go to the Cafe and get some drinks then lets go to Overwaitea. " I smiled at Cassidy.

" Oh yes! " Cassidy giggled.

While walking to the Cafe, some girls wanted a picture with Niall and Zayn and some autographs. Then we arrived at the Cafe and Poppy one of the bitches at school were working. 

" Oh my god! It's Niall Horan and Zayn Malik.. with.. Blair.. and .. Cassidy ? " she said.

" Hi Poppy! You know what I want, hey babe? Do you know what you want? " I said to Niall.

" I'll get the same thing as her.. " Niall smiled at Poppy.

" I'll have the same thing too! " Zayn said " What about you babe? " Zayn looked at Cassidy.

" Oh I'll have a the Berries Frappe " she smiled.

" Okay. " Poppy said who still smiling at Niall. 

" Let's go babe. " I pulled Niall and we sat down on the chairs.

While Poppy was making our drinks, Niall and Zayn were talking and Cassidy and I were.

" Zayn called me babe!! " Cassidy was quietly freaking out. 

" Haha I heard. I think he likes you! " I winked at her.

" Oh my god!! I hope so!! " she squealed with delight.

" Here you guys drink! " Poppy shouted. 

" I'll grab it. " I smiled before I walked away Niall grabbed my wrist and gave me a quick peck on the lips. " Thanks love! " he said. I walked to the counter and paid but before I left.

" Are you and Niall dating? " Poppy asked.

" Is it obvious? " I smiled.

" I don't know what he sees in you but I'll steal him away, right now! " Poppy smirked and took her apron off and carried the other two drinks. I kinda got nervous but whatever.

" Hi there. " Poppy sat beside Niall.

" Hello. " He said and I sat beside Cassidy who looked at me like what-the-hell? 

" So why are you in a such small town? " she flirted.

" To be with my girlfriend. " Niall said like he was trying to say that bitch-please-Blair-is-my-girlfriend kind of tone.

" Oh and is that me? " she giggled in a flirty way. Niall laughed.

" Nope! Her! " Niall pointed at me.

" You're joking, right? cause it's really funny " she laughed. 

" Haha I may look like I'm joking but I'm not. " Niall laughed and walked to sit beside me.

Poppy just groaned and walked away.

" Who was she? " Zayn asked.

" She's one our classmate, who thinks high of herself cause she's the most popular chick . " Cassie said.

" really ? Why do people like her? she seems like a bitch to me.? " Zayn said and Cassidy and I just laughed.

" Oh Zayn! " I laughed. After that we walked to to Overwaitea.

" Why are we at the grocery store? " Zayn asked.

" This is where me and Cassidy work at ! " I smiled.

" You have a job?" Niall said.

" ahah Ya i do" I laughed and walk over to Ryan.

" Heyy best friend!!! " Ryan yelled not noticing Niall and Zayn.

" Heyy best friendd!! " I laughed.

" How are you!? " Ryan hugged me tight and it kinda hurt my wound.

" Ouch! " I said.

" Hey are you okay? " Niall held me and then I quickly looked at Ryan.

" Oh my god! " Ryan laughed really hard.

" Ryan what's so funny? " I slapped his arm.

" You're actually with One Direction. " he laughed. " I thought Poppy was bullshitting when she posted that status on Facebook. 

" Oh that slut! " I said. And then Bailey came around and looked at me weirdly.

" Blair! Oh my god! You're actually with them! This is hilarious! " Bailey laughed.

" I don't understand why you guys are laughing! " I shouted while holding Niall's hand. 

" It's just weird. Like who would have thought that One Direction would actually date you! " Bailey laughed. Niall stepped up.

" Why not? " he said. Bailey was about to say something when I said

" Shut up Bailey. Let's go! " I walked away with Niall, Cassidy and Zayn.

" Cassidy! " Bailey shouted and we all look back. " That guy beside what's he's name? " he asked.

" Zayn. " she said proudly.

" Well Zayn you wouldn't wanna date Cassidy, she's just a chicken little who's too scared to kiss a guy! " Bailey laughed and so did Ryan. I looked at Cassidy who was blushing and just wanted to cry. It's because when Cassidy and Bailey dated Cassidy didn't had the guts to kiss him cause Cassidy never had her first kiss and that was the reason why they broke up. but then..

" Oh really? " She shouted back and pulled Zayn down and kissed him. I was shocked! She pulled away and yelled. " Who's a chicken now? " and proudly walked away holding Zayn's hand who's face was brightly red. I glance at Bailey one more time and winked. Bailey jaw dropped and Ryan was laughing at him. We walked out of Overwaitea.

" I'm so sorry!!! I just had to prove him that I wasn't scared! " Cassidy apologized at Zayn " I'm very very... " she got cut off when Zayn kissed her again and Niall kissed me. 




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