You stole my heart with just one look <3 (Completed)

Blair was just a normal girl who idolized and loves One Direction. When she finally gets a ticket and a backstage pass to see her #1boy band she immediately books a flight to Vancouver. But when she arrives, she gets accidentally dragged by one of 1D and one of them falls in love with her deeply, which changes her whole world.


34. I love you

~ Harry's P.O.V  ~  

Ugh I really wanted to go on the roller coaster first but whatever we can still go on later after this ride. This ride wasn't even that bad I guess.. I grabbed Samantha's hand, she was shaking like a scared puppy..

" Hey are you okay? " I whispered. " You're shaking "

" I'm afraid of heights " Samantha said " but I'll be okay, I gotta overcome my fear " She smiled.

" Are you sure? You don't have to force yourself, love " I comfort her.

" Thanks but It's okay " Samantha smiled.

" Alright babe " I squeezed her hands.

 there was four people that can sit down it each side, Niall and Blair sat beside us and the others were at the other sides.

 " You guys ready?? God I hate this ride but whatever! " Blair said.

" I'm ready! " Niall said.

" Yay!! " Samantha cheered and I know she's afraid..

" Me too!! " I agreed. When the staff checked our sits and tighten our chairs and the things that goes on us to keep us from falling, we slowly got up..

" Ready? " I whispered to Samantha.

" ready " She smiled. 

" Let's goo!!! " Right after I said that we got up so quickly and high, then when we got to the top we stopped..

" Something is not right!! We don't stop on the top do we? " Niall shouted. 

" I don't know but it's a pretty nice view up here!! " Blair shouted. It was true, none of us were scared but when I looked at Samantha, her face was just shock, she wouldn't move and she was crying.

" Samantha ! Are you okay? " I asked when I was about to let go of her hand,

" Harry ... pleasee.. I'm begging you don't let go of my hand and don't move me at all, " Samantha begged. I was so confused not knowing what was going on..

" It's okay we won't fall... " I comforted her...

" You guys probably won't but if I move I will.. " Samantha's voice was trembling.

" What do you mean ? " I asked.

" Harry.. " She cried even harder..

" You're scaring me tell me what's wrong? " I exclaimed..

" This thing that is keeping me from falling.. is.. loose and I know that if I move one bit I will fall and I think this is the reason why this machine stopped because my seat was unsafe! " Samantha cried. 

" Oh my god! Samantha don't move, don't do anything, try to calm down and just relax.. " I calmly said. " Guys guys!! " I shouted.

" What? " Niall asked smiling..

" Samantha's seat is loose and if she moves she will fall! " I worriedly said.

" WHAT? " Blair shouted..

" Don't scream, don't scare her she's already scared... " I shushed Blair.

" What are we going to do?? " Niall asked.

Blair started to cry.. ohh gooddd what am I gonna do? Samantha's hand is sweating and shaking like crazy..

" Babe, just close your eyes and breathe calmly" I whispered. 

" Harry, I'm going to fall.. Harry!! " Samantha started to freak out..  We started to fall down slowly..

" Samantha just hold on tight they're trying to bring us down slowly " I said..

" Harry!! " Samantha shouted and before I know it I was holding her hand as tight as I can, trying not to let go of her hand..

" Samantha don't you dare let go!! " I shouted. I was slowly slipping off too..

" Harry, you're going to fall too!! " Samantha cried..

" SAM! " Blair shouted! 

" SAM!!! " Cassidy screamed as well! 

"Oh my god! " Liam shouted.

" Guys shut up! " Zayn said. " Harry can you pull her up? "

" I'm trying but I'm slipping off! " I answered.

" Harry, you gotta let go! " Samantha cried.

" No! Are you dumb?! " I yelled.

" I'm sorry but I can't have you die for me.. I love you " Samantha whispered, smiled and let go..

" Sam! " Tears started to fall down my eyes, as I watch her fall...


** Wonder what happens next? Is this the end of Samantha's life? What will happen to Harry if Samantha dies? Thank you for readin! Feedbacks would be awesome!! ***


Julienne :) 

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