You stole my heart with just one look <3 (Completed)

Blair was just a normal girl who idolized and loves One Direction. When she finally gets a ticket and a backstage pass to see her #1boy band she immediately books a flight to Vancouver. But when she arrives, she gets accidentally dragged by one of 1D and one of them falls in love with her deeply, which changes her whole world.


29. I love you most

~ Blair's P.O.V ~

We got the airport and ohh booy!! These guys have their own jet plane and it is big! 

" Sir here is your Nando's " A guy that comes out of the plane, looks familiar.

" Omg! Mr. Clarke!! I mean David!! " I yelled out.

" Haha yes how are you Miss Blair? " David asked.

" Pffftt! you can just call me Blair and I'm great, how are you? " I smiled.

" I'm decent thank you for asking. I'll take you guys luggage and you guys can just get in the plane and feel at home. " David said.

" Thanks Dave! " Niall said holding his Nando's skipping,

" Thanks! " Zayn said.

" Thanks ! " Cassidy smiled.

" And who is this young lady? " David asked.

" Oh right, this is Cassidy my girlfriend " Zayn introduced her.

" And I'm Samantha, Cassidy's little sister. " Samantha introduced herself.

" Well I'm David Clarke, " David said.

We all walked to the plane, Niall held my hand while I was going up the stairs and freaking slapped my ass.

" Niall! " I exclaimed.

" I'm sorry but you butt looks really sexy in yoga pants " Niall laughed 

I just rolled my eyes on  him, blushing.

We got in the plane and settled in. Niall finished eating his Nando's and showed me the view, it was beautiful, the lights were incredibly amazing and it was romantic.We got to our hotel at 11:30 pm finding Louis and Harry all drunk!

" Oh look who we have here! " Harry said, walking like a drunk person well he was drunk.

 " Yo Hazza, you are drunk let's get you to bed. " Liam said, he's totally a daddy directioner.

Everyone laughed. " No no no! I'm fine, Dad ! " Harry shouted,

" Alright " Liam just sat down beside Louis who was smashed as hell, can't even stand up! 


~ Niall's P.O.V ~

Oh my gosh! This is not good Harry is drunk, he can't see Samantha when he's like this.

" We gotta get Samantha out of here before Harry sees her. " I quickly whispered to Blair.

" That's probably a good idea. " Blair whispered.

" umm Liam! " Niall screamed his name.

" What? " Liam replied.

" Can you please get Harry to sleep ? " I asked.

Liam knew that I was up to something. Liam walked up to Harry.

" Here bud, let's get you to your room okay? " Liam put his arm around Harry's shoulder.

" Why? I'm perfeectly fine " Harry drunkly said.

" I know you are but it's time for bed " Liam said.

" Dude I'm 19 I can do what I want " Harry rudely said.

I look behind me, there was Samantha standing just smiling, shy. This should be the perfect timing to show her angelic face to Harry. I took a step to the left, uncovering Samantha. 

" Samantha step forward and introduce yourself to Harry . " I whispered, she nodded

" Hi Harry, I'm Samantha Donovan " Samantha kindly and softly said to Harry

Harry's jaw dropped, he was speechless, he quickly stood up like a real man and only a second it took him to sober up .

" Hi Samantha " Harry said like a normal guy.

" Whoa that was fast ! " Liam laughed. 

It worked. Harry straighten up, thank god it's so hard to handle him when he's drunk but now we found our secret weapon! whoooo! I thought in my head.

" I'm hungry guys! Harry make me food! " Louis yelled out, who was still laying down in the couch

" Are you hungry love? " Harry kindly asked Samantha. He never cooked for a girl before, not after he got his heart broken. 

" How drunk are you ? " Zayn eyes widened.

" Shut up mate, I'm not drunk " Harry replied, it was so shocking that Harry can sober up that quick just by seeing Samantha. 

" Umm ya! " Samantha shyly said,

" What would you want to eat? " Harry asked her.

" I want grilled cheese with carrots! " Louis yelled.

" Louis I'm not asking you! " Harry shouted back.

" I'll have grilled cheese and you should make Louis one to please! " Samantha said, blushing. 

" As you wish! " Harry was acting like a straight A's gentleman. 

Harry cooked all of us grilled cheese and just talked until 1 am. Harry was staring at Samatha the whole time, he didn't even look at any of us just Samantha. Louis was just acting like a lil baby on the couch sleeping and murmuring stuff while he's asleep, Liam was sitting down on the floor beside the couch rubbing Louis's back every time Louis would start to have a nightmare, Blair and I were just cuddled on the floor and Zayn and Cass went to bed.

Samantha yawned. " Are you tired ? " Harry asked.

" Yes I am " Samantha honestly answered.

" Let's go to sleep then! " Harry stood up handing out his hand. 

" umm no Harry you're not sleeping Samantha! " Blair quickly stood up.

" Why not? " Harry said. 

"  Because I said so. " Blair answered.

" Trust me I'm not gonna take advantage of her. I promise " Harry promised.

" It's okay Blair! It will be fine! " Samantha said. 

" Alright! " Blair groaned.

" Babe let's head to bed too " I said.

" Okay! " Blair excitedly said.

" Don't make too much noise okay! " Harry laughed.

" Shut up Harry! " I groaned.

" Liam is sleeping with me " Louis shouted.

" yes yes fine! " Liam helped Louis to stand up.

" Goodnight guys! " Blair shouted.

We all went in our rooms and finally Blair and I are alone. We walked in our rooms and Blair turned on the lights but I turned it off quickly hugging her from behind, kissing her neck and turned her around to kiss her soft lips. I started to unbutton her pants but she stopped me.

" What's wrong? " I whispered.

" I can't right now. " Blair whispered.

" Why not ? " I asked. " Are you still a virgin ? "

" Kind of. " Blair whispered.

" What do you mean by kind of  " I asked.

" Can we talk about this later? The reason why I can't have sex right now is because It's my time of the month , okay? " Blair said and it took her alot to say that so it means the story behind her kind of losing her virginity must be very serious. 

" Alright babe I understand. " I picked up in bridal style and laid her down the bed.

" I love you " I whispered in her ears.

" I love you more " She replied.

" I love you most " I whispered back and dozed off.



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