You stole my heart with just one look <3 (Completed)

Blair was just a normal girl who idolized and loves One Direction. When she finally gets a ticket and a backstage pass to see her #1boy band she immediately books a flight to Vancouver. But when she arrives, she gets accidentally dragged by one of 1D and one of them falls in love with her deeply, which changes her whole world.


6. Good Morning Beautiful!

~ Niall's P.O.V ~ 

I woke up and Blair was still in my arms. I could feel her heart beating and I could smell her hair which smelled really good. My stomach growls cause I was hungry, well I'm always hungry. Blair yawned and moved a lil bit with her eyes still closed but cuddled in my arms again. 

" Well good morning beautiful "  I quietly said.

" Good morning " she smiled. but then her eyes opened widely, looked at me for a second and I smiled, she quickly jumps off the and screams.

" aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! wtf? " she smudges her, closing it and opening her eyes then blinks over and over again.

" Blair! What are you doin? It's me Niall! " I exclaimed.

" Oh my god! I thought I was dreaming. So this means, I was actually with you guys yesterday? You kissed me last night and we slept on the same bed??" she shouted.

"Obviously yes! " I laughed.

" Oh my.. Did I snore? Did you sleep well?" she asked me while walking back and forth. I grabbed her wrist, turned her around and put my hands on her shoulder looking into her eyes!

" You were sleeping like an angel! " I said. " But you were murmuring my name and stuff " I blushed.

" Oh  godd! I apologize! " her face was so red ! 

" For what? It was cute." 


She grabbed a pillow and covered her face. I giggled.

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