You stole my heart with just one look <3 (Completed)

Blair was just a normal girl who idolized and loves One Direction. When she finally gets a ticket and a backstage pass to see her #1boy band she immediately books a flight to Vancouver. But when she arrives, she gets accidentally dragged by one of 1D and one of them falls in love with her deeply, which changes her whole world.


18. First love ( Chase story, Blair was dreaming about her past with Chase. )

~ Blair's P.O.V ~ 

God! I hate being the new girl! It was my first day in Canada, new country, new school, new people, new life, and new friends. But honestly it was all I needed, I needed a new start. 

" Blair!! You'll be late for school ! " My mom yelled. I'm going to 10th grade and right now all I needed is to settle in and have new friends.

" I'm coming!! " I shouted back. I put my socks on, my winter jacket and ran downstairs.

" Kay mom I'm ready. " I said. My mom started the car, we drove to Fort Nelson Secondary Highschool.

" Do you need me to come in with you? " My mom asked.

" No mom! I'm 15 I'll be fine. I know what to do. "  I groaned. Seriously I wasn't a kid anymore. So I opened the car door and got out. I started to walk in school and everyone, like literally everyone was looking at me and whispering.

" Hi. You must be Blair? " An old lady asked me, I assumed she was a teacher or something. 

" Yes " I answered politely.

" Well I am Mrs Melissa Yurkowski, I am the school principal. " She smiled.

" It's nice to meet you " I smiled back.

" How about I'll show you to your homeroom ? " And someone was beside her, it was a guy, he was kinda short and he had a Justin Bieber hair. " Oh and this is Chase Ridge, he will be your friend for a week until you find your own friends. "  She said and Josh turned around.

" Hi I'm Chase " He smiled with those blue eyes of his and my heart just exploded.

" Hi I'm Blair  " I said 

" It's nice to meet you " He winked at me.

" Same to you " I smiled nervously.

" Well here is your schedule and classes and time, Chase will bring you to the library to get your books and he's in your every single class so you don't have to worry of being alone." Mrs Yurkowski said and handed me papers that had my classes and time written on it.

" Thank you so much! "  I thanked her.

" Very well then. Chase will you please? " she smiled at Chase.

" I got it! " He smiled at her, she walked away and looked back at me.

We looked at each other for less than 10 seconds and had an awkward silence.

" Well then, let's go walk around. "  He smiled and I followed him

" Okay so , bell rings at 8:45 am, first you go to your home room for 30 minutes just to like chill there, read, chat with friends or study. We call it " Tutorial " after that we have 4 blocks which we call  A block, B block, C block and D block. We rotate everyday. Monday's class rotations is A block, Double B lunch and C block and then D block, Tuesday's B block, double A, Lunch, D block and then C block and just so on, if you get confused its written on your class schedule. " Chase explained while we were walking around the school.

" Alright got it! " I answered completely confused of everything he just said.

" Okay. Next is lockers. There's some upstairs and downstairs, Mrs Yurkowski set you locker right beside mine, so we are locker buddies, lunch buddies and work buddies and.. " I cut him off.

" Okay I get it, continue with the school stuff. " I giggled.

" Oh right! Okay anyways, Our first class is Science. " he smiled.

" But we gotta go to Tutorial first. " I correct him.

" Oh yea! good memory! " He smiled with those beautiful white teeth of his. We walked to our homeroom and of course I had to be always with him, so I was sitting beside him and 2 of his friends were behind us and his other 2 friends were in front of us.

" Hey ! Who's the new chick? " I heard one guy behind him whisper at his ear.

" Blair. The chick I told  you about that I was supposed to take care around here for a week. " He whispered back.

" Oh. " The guy tapped my shoulder and I look back. " I'm Jesse and this is Gunnar " Jesse introduced himself and he's quiet friend Gunnar. The people in from of me and Chase was named Bailey and Ryan. The teacher walked in the class room.

" Hey guys good morning! "

" Good morning " everyone said. I was begging in my head that she wouldn't ask me to go up in front to introduced myself. " Anyways guys, we have a new girl her named is Blair Hammilton, she was from Philippines. " She said out loud and everyone looked at me.

" Hi Blair " these one girl said. " I'm Cassidy " She said. She was incredibly gorgeous and nice.

" Hi Cassie " I smiled. 

" guys she just called me Cassie! I love being called Cassie and no one ever calls me that! I think you and I we'll get along ver well " she winks at me.

" Alright. " I smiled. We were sitting for 30 minutes there, talking about my old life and stuff before. I was listening to Cassie talk bout her life when all I can think about was Chase.

Lunch time~

The bell rang at 12:12 pm and we headed down to the lunch line. 

" The special is Macaroni and Cheese! Oh thank god I'm starving! " Chase sighed of relief.

" Haha so am I " I laughed.

After the first day of school Chase walked me home and it turned out to be really good. 

Chase and I have been really close, and I knew I was in love with him and he told me the same. Chase and I got even closer and eventually we started dating. Chase and I have been dating for almost a year now and Chase have only asked me to do " it " once and I've said no and he completely understood, he was normal and respectful about it which made me fall in love with him more. The day of our first year anniversary I told myself that we will do " it " so we did and it was great, I thought he was mine forever and I was his forever. 2 weeks passed after that we barely spoke and just one day he breaks up with me.

" Blair, I don't think we're working out and I think it'd be best for us to break up "  Chase said straight forward to me.

" What? We're perfectly happy ! " I cried.

" I'm not.. " Chase said.

" What.. But? " Chase cut me off.

" Blair I'm sorry but I can't do this anymore. Goodbye " Chase said and walked away from me.

I ran to my house, ran and ran until I tripped right on my doorstep. I cried my eyes out and called Cassidy

" Hello? " She answered.

" Cassie " I cried.

" Blair what's wrong? " She asked worriedly.

" Chase... he broke up with me " I cried even harder.

" WHAT? why? " She yelled.

" He said he wasn't happy anymore and he just couldn't do it anymore. " I sobbed.

" But he just told you like 1 week ago that he loved you and he would never stop, didn't he? " She shouted. " What a dick! Don't worry honey someone out there is better than him! "

" Cassie I love him though! He was everything to me ! What am I gonna do? " I cried.

" I don't know hun! I just know you can do better. " She said " But I gotta go love! I love you ! " Cassidy hanged up.

What am I gonna do? How awkward is it gonna be when I see him at school? I wiped my tears and went inside my house. My mom was there and she didn't notice my eyes so I just told her that I was going to sleep. I cried my eyes out all night and cried myself to sleep. The next day was school ! I groaned when I woke up, I opened my laptop, checked Facebook and Chase changed his relationship status and 15 girls liked it most of the guys said " hell yea " or " Finally dude ". I wanted to cry but I had to be stronger and smile at school. When I got to school every girl was whispering and laughing at me, I just glare at them and smile and they would walk away. 

" Hey girly! " Cassidy run towards me and hugs me.

" Hey chicka! " I smiled.

" How are ya feeling? " she asked quietly.

" Feeling better than I felt for the last year! I feel like a free bird. " I smiled and saying it as loud as I can.

" That's my girl! " she smiled back.

While we were walking Chase was walking towards me and I smiled at him but I got ignore BIG TIME. why would he ignore me? He's thick-faced for doing that. In class, he told everyone everything, he told them about me being so foolish, telling them that he only wanted me for sex, told them that all of the I love you and stuff that he told me was full of bullshit, I wanted to cry so much but I knew I was better than that and so the only thing I said was. 

" Chase thank you for the wonderful time, being your girlfriend was great, you made me feel different from everyone else and it made me feel really special and thanks. It's obvious that you didn't notice that I was beating you at your own game, I played along with all of your bullshit, it was a great time. You've been a lot of help.! "  I smiled and gave him a last hug. Everyone just stared at me while I walk away to get out of class. I stopped by the door, close enough to hear them talking and looked at them. Chase's friends were just laughing at him while Chase was just in a daze probably thinking that he had lost and I won. I ran to the bathroom, crying and crying it hurt so much pretending to be not hurt, pretending to be the winner and the strong one when all I wanted to hug him and cry on his shoulders. Chase will regret this.

~ End of Blair's Dream ~

~ Niall's P.O.V ~

I walked in Blair's room again 30 minutes later, I was just chilling outside. I saw Blair crying in her own sleep and so I woke her up.

" Blair! Hey Blair! " I whispered.

" Ya? " she slowly opened her eyes while tons of tears just fell down she tried to stop it but it wouldn't.

" Why are you crying? Are you in pain? Do you want me to call a nurse? " I hugged her worried.

" No I'm fine, just had a terrible dream. " she wiped her tears away and hugged me back. 

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