You stole my heart with just one look <3 (Completed)

Blair was just a normal girl who idolized and loves One Direction. When she finally gets a ticket and a backstage pass to see her #1boy band she immediately books a flight to Vancouver. But when she arrives, she gets accidentally dragged by one of 1D and one of them falls in love with her deeply, which changes her whole world.


11. Blair! Please stay with me!


~ Niall's P.O.V ~

Something didn't felt right 10 minutes after Blair left. I had a feeling that something was right like it felt like something bad was going to happen. I don't know what's going on, I shaked my head. 

" Hey mate you okay? " Harry asked.

" I don't know ! Just something doesn't feel right! I have to go find Blair! " I said worriedly.

" Niall why Blair? " Liam wondered.

" It just feels like something bad is gonna happen to her. " I said.

" It's okay mate! She said her sister is going to pick her up! " Zayn smiled. For a minute I felt relief then..

" Wait... What? That can't be! Her sister work until 6 hour before the concert so how can that be...? Oh my god she didn't..? "  I ran out of the door. Even though I didn't know where to go I just kept running, running so fast that my lungs were gonna burst. I didn't care what was happening around me, I just run and run and let my feet take me to Blair. Then I found this small shortcut and I just had the feeling that Blair took that short cut. I went in it and my eyes widened. Blair was surrounded with 5 gangsters. I hid and listened.

" Hey Check this out! " One guy laughs.

" Must be our lucky day " The other guy claps his hand and laughs. 

" Looks like you're lost there! Someone finally took our bait! " One black guy taps on the other guys shoulder and then looks at me.

" Oh no! I'm not lost, I know exactly where I'm going "  Blair obviously lied.

" Oh really? Alright, well then I guess we'll let this one go." One of the guys laughed evily. I thought he fell for her lie but it seemed like he had something in mind. 

I watched Blair run around but she still end up to the same place! We were in a maze ! I thought.

" You know wherever you go, you'll still end here! "  One of the guys yelled. But Blair still ran and she was getting closer to me so I pulled her to where I was.

" Sshh! " Niall shushed her.

" Niall what are you doing here? How'd you find me? " she whispered.

" I'll explain to you later just be quiet and lets try to find the way out of this maze that they made." I replied. But someone puts his hand on my shoulder. 

" Hey ! We found her first! " One of the guys found us.

" Too bad! I got her now " I  winked at him. but then the guy punched me and I hit my head on the wall and I felt dizzy and falls to the ground. 

" Niall! Ni! " Blair cried. Blair tried to pull me up but 2 of the guys grabbed her and dragged her with them. " Niall! Niall!! " she screamed, She was crying so much and so I got up and before I know Blair screams my name super loud and she hugged me.. After a second Blair slowly falls to the ground, I watched her fall and my jaw dropped and my eyes widened.  

" Fuck! Let's go man! " one of the guys yelled and all of them ran and disappeared.

" Blair! Oh my god! Blair! " I cried and dropped on my knees and pulling her to me and on top of my thighs holding her up.

" yo..u o-okay, Niall? " she asked. I could see she was in a lot of pain which got me mad. 

" Yes ! I'm fine! You fucking dumbass! Why did you do that? " I yelled at her. 

" I'm glad you're okay " she smiled and closed her eyes.

" Blair!! Blair! Please! Stay with me! Blair! " I cried my eyes out! My phone rang.


Phone convo.

"Niall! Where the fuck are you? " Zayn yelled

" Zayn! Oh my god! "  I cried

" What's wrong? Are you okay? What's going on? " Zayn yelled

" Blair.... Blaair! " I couldn't continue.

" What about Blair?"

" She.. got.. stabbed.. " I continued."

" WHat? " Zayn yelled!

" I don't know where we are ! use your GPS to get the ambulance here ASAP! " I cried.

" Alright! Stay where you are! We'll be there." Zayn quickly hanged up.


End convo.



~Zayn's P.O.V ~

" Guys! Let's go! " I yelled.

" Did you get a hold of Niall? " Harry asked.

" Yes. " I started to cry.

" What's wrong? " Harry hugged me.

" Blair, she was stabbed! " I cried

" WHAT?!? "  They all screamed and ran out with me.

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