You stole my heart with just one look <3 (Completed)

Blair was just a normal girl who idolized and loves One Direction. When she finally gets a ticket and a backstage pass to see her #1boy band she immediately books a flight to Vancouver. But when she arrives, she gets accidentally dragged by one of 1D and one of them falls in love with her deeply, which changes her whole world.


28. Because I love him

~ Zayn's P.OV ~ 

When Cassidy's parents got home, she told them that she can't come. Why? I gotta spend the whole summer with her. I like her so much it's crazy. The way she kiss is amazing, the way her lips tastes like chocolate lipgloss makes me want to kiss her non stop. Cassidy's mom ( Kristy ), Cassidy, Samantha and Blair went to the kitchen table to talk, while Niall and I was waiting in the living hoping that her they will convince Cassie and Samantha to come. 

" Hey why is Samantha coming by the way? " I wondered.

" Cause I bet Harry would like her and I know that she can soften his heart again. " Niall whispered.

" Niall! No! Samantha is obviously very sweet and you and I both know that Harry will just have sex with her and dump her away. That's cruel ! " I yelled in a whisper.

" I know! But Samantha agreed, Zayn you gotta trust me on this one I know she could change him back to the old Harry! " Niall starting to tear up a lil bit.

" Niall, I miss the old Harry too but we can't risk someone else's heart to fix something that's too broken to fix. " I softly said.

" Sam loves him and supports him, Sam is a true fan! I just know she will change him back! Trust me! " Niall forced.

" Okay, hopefully he does change. " I whispered. Cassidy came out with Blair with tears in her eyes.


~ Blair's P.O.V ~

Kristy, Cassie, Samantha and I had a talk in the kitchen after they got home. Cassidy's dad was okay with it but Kristy was too hard to convince.

" Cassidy no! you're not gonna randomly go out of the country with 5 strangers, even if they're One Direction, so what? What if something happens to you ? No! " Kristy yelled.

" But mom! I'm 17 I can go! Nothing is going to happen to me! " Cassidy yelled back.

" Mom please let us go! This doesn't happen all the time and the guys are paying for everything! " Samantha said without yelling.

" Mommy please let them come with us!! " I said 

" Blair did your mom let you?" Kristy asked.

" Yes. I had a talk with her though about it. " I said.

" Mom please!! " Cassidy begged.

" No Cassidy and Samantha! " Kristy shouted.

" Why not? Give me a reason why!! " Cassidy asked tearing up.

" There's too many reasons " Kristy said.

" Well then tell us! " Samantha finally yelled. And that was the first time she EVER yelled at her mom or at anyone. 

Kristy eyes widened. " Because you guys are my daughters, I can't just hand you into a guy I don't even know, I'm going to be worried, I love you guys! " 

" Mom we love you too but you gotta let us go! Mom we have to go! " Cassidy said.

" Why don't you give me a reason why you want to go so badly! " Kristy shouted.

" Because I love Zayn mom! He's everything I want and now that I have him I'm not letting him go! " Cassidy yelled and covered her mouth quickly. Cassidy never once told her mom or anyone not even me, that she loves a guy! Like yea she's a fan but she never once said she loves them or someone, she loves their music but she never once said that she loves Zayn or One Direction.

" What? " Kristy shockingly gasped.

" Yes mom! I love Zayn and you know, all of you guys know that I never once said that I love someone, except you guys and Blair. " Cassidy started to tear up. 

" What about you? Why do you want to go? " Kristy looked at Sam.

" Because there's something that I have to do for someone that I love mom! This is very important to me and I can't tell you what. " Samantha just softly said and smiled. I looked at Kristy and I could see in her face that her daughters are all grown up. 

" Alright. You guys can go but you have to call me every morning and night to tell me how you guys are, you can call me anytime if you guys want to come home or if you guys need anything, okay? " Kristy said.

" Yes mom!! " Cassidy and Sam hugged her.

" YESSSS!! " I jumped.

~ Niall's P.O.V ~

After awhile, Cassidy, Samantha and Blair finally got out of the kitchen and went over to the living room. Cassidy was crying when she walked towards us. Oh no, this is not good. I thought I bet they're not allowed to come. 

" Stop crying. " Zayn walked up to her. " It's okay, I'll call you everyday. " 

" Why ? " Cassidy asked. " I'm gonna be with you, why do you need to call me? " Cassidy wiped her tears away and smiled.

" You're allowed???? You guys are allowed? " Zayn exclaimed.

" Yup! " Cassidy jumped to hug Zayn.

I looked at Blair, who was looking at them with a little tear on her eyes while giggling of happiness. I walked to her.

" You guys pranked us. Got me scared. " I teased.

" Better be ready, Cassidy and I are masters at pranking people " Blair winked at me.

" Oh ya ? " I leaned down and kissed her. 

" You bet " she laughed.


~ Mikayla's P.O.V ~ 

This is unbelievable, I mean why can't be the one that Zayn likes? I'm way prettier than Cassidy, way smarter, way sexier and better. 

" This is unbelievable " I whispered to Payden.

" Yea but they're happy! " Payden smiled.

" I know but still I don't believe this " I frowned.

" Mikayla, just be happy for them they probably won't last that long. " Payden said and she has a point.

" This is true. We'll see, I can't wait for Cassie and Blair to come home broken hearted. " I whispered back to Payden.

" Hopefully  not. " Payden said.

" Stop being nice. I know you want to be in Cassidy's position, Payden " I groaned.

" I want to but Zayn likes her not me so I'm just gonna support them besides I have Dylan " she pointed out. 

" Whatever ! I'm not saying to goodbye to them. I'm going to my room you coming? " I asked,

" I'm gonna say goodbye then I'll be there. " Payden smiled.

I walked to my room, slamming my door. I was incredibly jealous.


~ Blair's P.O.V ~

I heard a door slamming. I looked over and Payden was standing all alone, it must have been Mikayla slamming her door, I bet she's mad and jealous. Jealousy won't take her anywhere I hope she doesn't do anything dumb. 

" Okay well guys we gotta get going, the plane is almost ready. " Niall shouted still holding my waist.

" We're leaving tonight ? " I asked.

" Yea, I gotta show you the view in the night and I gotta eat Nando's " Niall smiled

" You and your Nando's " I wiggled my head.

" Yes me and my Nando's! " he giggled.

" One of the reasons why I love you so much! " I hugged him.

" I love you too ". He hugged me back. We just stood there hugging, ignoring everything, I really didn't want to let go but.

" Guys! Let's go! " Zayn laughed, carrying Cassidy's suitcases. 

" Holy shit! How many clothes do you have ? " Niall yelled.

" A lot! That's only have of it Niall! " I laughed. 

" oh my god don't tell me you have lots of clothes too! " Niall yelled.

" Oh Niall she does, like tons. More than I do " Samantha yelled out laughing. 

" Don't worry I'm only bringing quarter of it " I winked.

" Which is this much! " Cassidy pointed at her 2 huge suitcases. 

" Seriously ? " Niall said " Why do you have so much clothes? " 

" Niall you're girlfriend is a big time, fashionista. " Payden yelled out. 

" oh wow! " Niall eyes widened.

" Well better get going! " Zayn yelled out, obviously having a hard time holding Cassidy's bags.

" Alright you guys! Better take care of my ladies! " Kristy yelled out, giving all of us a hug.

" She will be treated like a princess, I promise you ! " Zayn promised shaking Cassidy's dad's hand. 

" Don't show me your face ever again if you break her heart boy! " Cassidy's dad yelled out.

" DAD! " Cassidy yelled.

" What ? I'm just saying! " Her dad laughed.

" Don't worry Sir, she will be safe and sound with me " Zayn smiled.

" Love you guys! " Payden hugged me, cassidy, samantha and of course Zayn and Niall.

" Love you more! I yelled.

" Love you most! " Cassidy yelled.

" Lovee youu too " Samantha yelled.

" Have fun! " Payden waved. 

I was the last one of Cassidy's front door and closed it. We called a taxi and went to my house to get my stuff, said my goodbyes to my parents and left. 

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