You stole my heart with just one look <3 (Completed)

Blair was just a normal girl who idolized and loves One Direction. When she finally gets a ticket and a backstage pass to see her #1boy band she immediately books a flight to Vancouver. But when she arrives, she gets accidentally dragged by one of 1D and one of them falls in love with her deeply, which changes her whole world.


3. Am I dreaming?

We were in the limo, all the guys looked at me and Niall and they all laughed.

" Mr. Clarke lets go for a drive for a while before we go to the hotel!" Liam asked the driver

" Alright sir" he replied.

"Thanks ! "

" And please call me David." the driver said.

" Okaayyy! " Harry answered.

They all started talking, leaving me and Niall glancing at each other every second. Am I dreaming? Am I actually in a limo with the guys I've been dreaming to be with? Is this all true? What's going on? What am I supposed to do now? I'm stuck in here! in a good way!

" umm " I muttered

" I'm sorry! This must be very awkward for yyou"  Zayn giggled.

" err.. uhh." I stuttered. My heart was gonna burst.

" Darling, you don't have to be nervous. It's just us, we're not gonna bite." Harry smiled and winked at me.

Ohhh myyy gooooddd!! He said " It's just us!?" doesn't he know that they're so FAMOUS that anyone would kill to be in my position right now! And did he just winked at me? I thought in my head.

" How about tell us your name? " Liam asked.

" I'm Blair." I smiled

" Blair. Your name is beautiful! " Niall said and smiled at me.

" Thank you. So are yours." I blushed. Around Niall I felt really comfortable.

After that there was an awkward silence. The boys were whispering and sayinf stuuf to Niall. Niall was just blushing and telling 'em to shut up. And then Niall's eyes met mine mine. His blue eyes were incredibly beautiful, I wanted to look away so bad but something inside me was stopping me from doing so. Our eyes were locked onto each other, its like we're speaking but through our eyes..

" *cough cough*. Well" Harry faked his cough and Niall and I immediately stopped looking at each other and blushed.


" Anyways! Why are you here in Vancouver?" Liam asked.

" Shit! " I exclaimed. I just remembered that I was here to go to their concert and my sister! Oh no she must be worried sick! FUCK! I thought

" What!? What's wrong? " Niall asked. The boys looked at him weirdly.

"What's wrong, Love?" Harry asked softly.

" I forgot to text my sister! She must be worried sick about me!" I exclaimed, quickly searched for my bag but then I remembered that Louis dragged me here so I dropped my purse cause of how crowded it was in the airport and I couldn't take my suitcase! FML!.

" Oh no! I'm sorry this is all my fault!" Louis apologized. Louis was the only who understand and remembered that I was dragged and didn't get to bring my stuff..

" It's okay. Hopefully they got my stuff though." I smiled weakly.

" uhh What's going on?" Harry's eyebrows met.

" Remember? I grabbed her so she couldn't take her suitcase and she dropped her purse." Louis said sadly. 

" Ohh." Harry said quietly.

Everyone was completely quiet and I broke the silence cause them being quiet wasn't gonna solve anything. I know that I should be breaking down of happiness cause I'm here with them but my sister must be crying or calling the police ! Hopefully she hasn't called mom!

" Well you guys can just drop me off somewhere close to a payphone or something. " I suggested.

"Hell no! It's late, dark and beautiful girls like you shouldn't be walking around the city with no cellphone and especially no money so how are you gonna use the payphone? And something might happen to you." Niall said pretty seriously.

The boys stared at him like he never said anything this serious ever but they weren't gonna tease him now cause it was a pretty serious situation. And he did have a point about having nothing with me while I'm in the city.

But I don't wanna bother you guys anymore. You guys must be VERY busy and obviously I'm in the way and I'll be fi..." before I could finish Zayn interrupted.

" No, here's my phone! Call whoever" Zayn handed me his iPhone.

" But.."

" No more buts. You're not bothering us honestly all thanks to Louis for dragging you we're actually doing something different other than chilling in the hotel after our flight" Harry smiled.

So I grabbed Zayn's phone and called my sister.


* On the phone * < phone on speaker>

" Hello" sister said sounded pretty worried.

" Hey sis." I answered back.

" BLAIR! WTF ! Where are you? Are you okay? Did you get kidnapped? How much does the kidnapper wants? tell him we're not rich! " My sister snapped.

The boys laughed

" who's that? Are they the kidnappers? Oh god! " My sister cried.

" no no no! You won't believe it but I'm in a limo with One Direction." I bragged.

" what the..? how'd you get in?" She asked.

" One of them dragged me...... accidentally" I winked at Louis.

" Oh okay well I'm glad you're okay but anyways where are you now? I got called in to work so you can come to my house anytime. William is there." She said

" umm no its okay I'll just stay at a hotel tonight. I don't wanna bother him" I said but bad choice.

" You sure? I get off at 6 before the concert so I'll just see you there then? You're with them anyways." She said.

" Alright. Love you. Goodnight." I hanged up and hand the phone back to Zayn.

" Thanks Zayn" I smiled. " You guys can like drop me off to some random hotel" I said.

" You keep forgetting that you have NOTHING with you" Niall screamed.

" Fuck! You're right! Well okay do you mind dropping me off at my sister's then? I know where where she lives." I said.

" We don't mind but do you mind just staying at the hotel with us instead?" Niall asked shyly

" I would love to but wouldn't be weird?" I wondered.

" Not at all" Niall smiled.

"Well I don't wanna bo.." i got cut off.

" You're not bothering us! Please please please please please please please! " Harry begged."uhh o-" before I could agree I got cut off again..

" PLEASE! We're begging you! " Louis knelt down on his knees in the moving vehicle.

" Yes yes yes! Fine! I'll stay with you guys! " I agreed.

"YESS!" all of them screamed.

I laughed. Why were they so happy? Especially Niall he's eyes we're like sparkling of happiness.  












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