My Secret

(I Love the story "My Secret Brother" so I wanted to make my own version of the story!)


3. Goodbye

Sab POV:

 We all got in the car and drove Harry to the airport... All of the boys were there already so as soon as we got there they started to board the plane.... As soon as they started to leave Gemma and I started to cry. We could see that my Mum, Anne was very upset but trying not to cry. Harry then turned around to say goodbye one last time and He was crying to... We turned away and started to walk towards the Airport exit. When We reached the doors Harry shouted for us to turn back around And He gave us all a big hug. We wished them all good luck at the Judges Houses and Then we left.

 When I got back home I went to my phone and saw that I had 5 missed calls. I was barely ever on my phone so It was really weird to have missed calls. I checked who they were from. They were from all 5 of the boys. Each boy also left a text message. Every message said "Call Harry, Hes very upset." I picked up my phone and Dialed Harry's number. He picked up and he was crying. I started to cry and then he told me why he was upset. "Dads getting re-married" said Harry. " His Fiance is the Mother of those two girls who made fun of us because we looked like twins and then they said we were Ugly and that they never wanted to see our disgusting faces again! Remember those girls?' I gasped and started to cry. Those Girls ruined my life basically. I could never deal with them being my Step-sister. " Yes Haz, I remember those girls. I cant stand them. They Ruined my Life and now i have to live with them as my step sister?!" I guess the plane was taking off because Harry had to go and he would call me back later tonight. 

It was around 11pm so i decided to go to sleep..  I woke up at 7:30 and realized that Today was the day that I started my new school. Great!

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