My Secret

(I Love the story "My Secret Brother" so I wanted to make my own version of the story!)


1. Leaving for now

Sabrina's POV:

"Hey Hazza" I said when My brother Harry finally woke up. It was the day that he was leaving with the boys for the Judges Houses.

 "Morning Sabrina" He said in his grumpy voice. I could tell that he was nervous about their performance.  "Only a couple more hours until we have to get you to the Airport Harry... You better start packing!" I said and then his face dropped. He had completely forgot about packing! Harry jumped out of His chair and ran upstairs, He threw clothes in a duffel bag and within 10 minutes he was back downstairs. I knew that since my brother was on X-Factor that it would be hard when I have to start my new school. I was not going to tell anybody that Harry was my brother, but I knew i would get asked if I was related to him because I was basically a girl version of Hazza and that I have the Same last name.

Mums POV:

"Come On Harry! You're going to miss the plane! Were already 10 minutes late! I bet the boys are waiting for you!" My Son Harry rushed down the Stairs and we all said goodbye before we left so we wouldn't have to at the Airport... Me and Gemma said Goodbye first but When He went to Sabrina I could tell that they were both about to start crying. Ever since Sabrina was born, Harry and Her were "best friends." They spent all of their time together since they were both very young. As they were growing up Harry And Sabrina always had a special Bond and Me and Gemma always called them twins even though Harry is 18 and Sabrina is 16. Harry said Goodbye to Sabrina and I saw them whisper something into each others ears. I didn't care to ask though because I knew that it would just get them upset.


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