Unplanned Love

17 year old Brianna and her friend,Maddy, have been waiting to go to a One Direction concert forever! They finnaly get tickets, as they are walking back to the car something happens, Brianna wakes up in th hospital. When she gets out she nveer expects to fall in love. I don`t have the best grammar skills but i hope you enjoy it:)


3. Scared

          Niall`s P.O.V

I don`t know what was wrong with me tonight. Concert nerves maybe. I felt like crap. My stomache hurt, probably because i was hungry. Yeah thats it, i`m hungry. I went over to get some chips, picked one up,sighed, and put it back down.

'What`s wrong mate?' Zayn came in and scared the crap outta me.

'Jesues Zayn you scared me,knock next time.'

'Sorry. But what`s wrong i`ve never seen you turn food down.'

'Yeah well,stomache ache,concert nerves you know all that.'

'15 till showtime guys,' Paul said when he walked in moments later.

'Ok mate well i`d better get going see ya in a few.'I went and sat back down on the couch as Zayn walked out. Well i guess that it wasn`t concert nerves i felt shitty from haters. Today at the signing a group of girls came up to me told me i`m ugly,i suck at singing, and that i shouldn`t be in the band. They walked past me and let the others sign their albums,I felt like crap for the rest of the day after that.I sat there for a bit thinknig when i heard a knock on the door.

'Niall come on it`s showtime.' I reconized Harry`s voice.I took a deep breath and walked out of the room. The concert went better then i expected though, the stomache ache went straight away once i started singing.The crowd was great, god do i love our fans. When it was over we packed up and we went to go wait on the bus.I was looking out the window when i saw a girl walking back to her car and a guy behind her.I saw as he took out the gun and shot her,i saw as she fell.

'Holy shit guys! You gotta come quick a person just got shot!'

'Niall quit playing' Louis said

'I`N NOT PLAYING!' I screamed.Now get out here and help! I opened the door and started running towards her.They looked out a window and saw i was right.They started running behind me and Harry called the cops.When we got there we saw a girl sitting by the girl who was shot,she was crying and talking to the police as well.She was holding her hand over the bullet wound.

'So Niall what exactally happened?' Lou asked.

'Well i was sitting there looking out the window when i saw this girl walking,then i saw this man walking behind her,' My voice cracked a little. 'Then he shot her and stole her purse.' We sat there in silence to shocked to say anything else so we sat there and stared at the girl.Liam out his hand on the girls back comfortingly. She was beautiful,her makeup was done perfectly and she has beautiful long straight hair. Just then the parametics arrived and gently lifted her onto the stretcher. I started crying and so did the other boys when they saw she was wearing a One Direction t-shirt.




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