Unplanned Love

17 year old Brianna and her friend,Maddy, have been waiting to go to a One Direction concert forever! They finnaly get tickets, as they are walking back to the car something happens, Brianna wakes up in th hospital. When she gets out she nveer expects to fall in love. I don`t have the best grammar skills but i hope you enjoy it:)


7. hope

Maddy`s P.O.V 

I don`t know how long it was but i woke up. Liam,Niall,and Zayn were having a conversation. Louis and Harry were sleeping. I went to get up and saw that Harry was still holding my hand. After all that time he was still holding it. I thought that was the sweetest thing ever.

'Hey look who`s finnaly up!' Niall smiled.

Everyone who was awake looked at me and smiled. I smiled. 'Hi guys' I felt bad that i had to get up because i didn`t wana disturb Harry but i got up and slipped his hand from mine.I went over to see Brianna.

'So how long have i been asleep?'

;You fell asleep around 12:30, so yeah you`ve been asleep for about an hour.' Liam explained

'Ok. And she hasn`t, you know...' I trailed off but they knew what i meant.

'No.' Zayn sighed. 'Nothing has happened,if she woke up we would`ve told you.'

'Hey do you wana come get a coffee with me?' Harry tapped my shoulder. I hadn`t even noticed he was up

'Yeah sure.'  We went out into the lobby to grab a coffee. Just as was going to grab a cup Harry spun me around and pulled me into a hug. 

'What was that for?'I asked with a smile.

'You just looked like you could use a hug.' He flashed his 100% perfect smile at me. We got our coffee and walked back into the room to see the doctor and the boys gathered around Brianna. Louis must of gotten up when we were out.

'Is she all right?' I started getting panicky.

'Yes.' The doctor replied.'I was just checking her heart rate. It sounds good and make sure to keep an eye out she could wake up any minute.' He walked out leaving my and the boys staring at Brianna. Another half hour passed,the boys were so sweet sometimes they would go over and quietly sing to her. We didn`t know if she could hear it but they did it anyways. It was nice. I was watching her and holding her hand when i noticed her eyes started to flutter.

'Guys quick come here i think shes going to wake up!' They all rushed over and we all watched as she slowly opened her eyes.


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