Unplanned Love

17 year old Brianna and her friend,Maddy, have been waiting to go to a One Direction concert forever! They finnaly get tickets, as they are walking back to the car something happens, Brianna wakes up in th hospital. When she gets out she nveer expects to fall in love. I don`t have the best grammar skills but i hope you enjoy it:)


5. Getting to know them

Maddy`s P.O.V

I cried for the longest time but yet Louis never let me go. At a point i seriously thought i was gunna run out of tears but they kept coming. When my crying settled down a bit Harry suggested that me and the boys got to know eachother better. I all ready knew a fair ammount of stuff about them but why not learn more? I needed something to take my mind off of what happened to Brianna anyways.

'So Maddy tell us about yourself,' Zayn said.

'Well, i`m in soccer and basketball. I live in Newport. I`m graduating this year,and i love One Direction.' I said the last part while winking at them. 'But i`m not one of those crazy stalker fans that trace your every step and stuff,' I laughed. 'So what`s it like to be the all great and fabulous One Direction?'

'Maddy, I all ready know that i`m great and fablous you didn`t have to remind me!' Louis said like an all mighty diva. I laughed

'Shut up Lou.' Harry said while giving him a playful shove. Louis acted like he shoved him real hard so he fell off the chair onto the floor, layed there for a bit then kicked Harry`s foot.Harry kicked him back. They went into a kicking war.

'Stop it the both of you!' Liam sternly demanded. They quit immediantly. He turned to me. 'Well it is really great. We all love it so much. It`s so much fun, and we wouldn`t give it up for the world.' They all nodded in agreement.

'Wait shouldn`t you guys be be back on your bus and headed for your next concert?'

'Actually we have some time off and are gunna go down and spend our time at Harrys house. That`s where the bus was going to take us,but we told management what happened and said that we are going to be in the hospital for a bit and we`ll tell them when we want to leave.' Zayn explained. Wow i was touched, they took there time off spending it with me in a hospital.

'Wow, thank you guys so much for being here with me.'

Liam smiled at me,'No problem love.'

We all got in on a conversation about the things that some of the fans have said or done. Niall was in the middle of telling us about how one girl came up to him,and gave him her bra with a phone number on it and under the number said call for a fun time, when the doctors and nurses came out. They all went different ways except one middle aged man who came over to us. I held my breath waiting for the news.

'Are you here for Miss Johnson.'We nodded.'Miss Johnson is going to be all we got the bullet out sucsessfully.' I sighed a sigh of relief.' That bullet almost hit her spine,and she`s very very  lucky.This may be hard to hear but she is in a coma, and we don`t know how long she`ll be in it.We`ll be keeping a close eye on her and all goes well she should be out of here in no time.You may go in and se her when ever you`re ready.'He walked away leaving me with the boys.A coma.Not knowing how long? This was horrible! The tears started flowing again and Harry held me. When i calmed down i said, 'Thank you all so much, i don`t know what i would`ve done without you!' I gave them all hugs.

'You`re welcome babe,' Zayn said with a smile.'Now come on lets go see your friend.'

We walked into the room and there she was. She had been stripped out of her clothes and had a hospital gown on now. Her face was pale and the was a big cut on her forehead. I was thankfull i couldn`t see the bullet wound. I grabbed her hand. I could see her chest faintly moving up and down. I stared at her face for the longest time,untill Harry startled me by grabbing hold of my free hand. I looked up and smiled at him then turned back to Brianna. After awhile i left Brianna`s side leading Hary and the rest of the boys over to the chairs across the room. I sat down and Harry sat next to me while the rest of the boys went to go ask for a few more chairs. I don`t know how long it was but eventually Harry sang me to sleep, and while all this happened he never let go of my hand.

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