Unplanned Love

17 year old Brianna and her friend,Maddy, have been waiting to go to a One Direction concert forever! They finnaly get tickets, as they are walking back to the car something happens, Brianna wakes up in th hospital. When she gets out she nveer expects to fall in love. I don`t have the best grammar skills but i hope you enjoy it:)


10. a very good night.

   Brianna`s P.O.V

We got home around 6. Maddy had to go back to her house, she was pretty bumed out. The boys were going to stay on their bus tonight and we`d leave in the morning. The guys walked into my house like they owned it and of course Niall went straight to the kitchen. They rest of them went into the living room to find a movie to watch. Liam obviously wanted to watch Toy Story, But in the end we all agreed on a scary movie. Louis looked through our scary ones, While I went up to my room to pack while the guys went to go make food. I pretty much just threw my whole closet in there because i didn`t know what i needed to bring. They said that we`ll be down there for about a month or two,so i packed a ton. When i was done i changed into something more comfortable and headed down stairs to start the movie. The boys had popcorn and drinks set out for us and were waiting to press stat when i came down. They had picked out the Grudge.I`d never seen it before because i was always to scared.

'Shit,'I mumbled. 'I heard that this movie is fricken scary!'

'It`s ok babe. We`ll keep you safe.' Harry smiled. Oh god do i love these guys. I was sitting next to Niall. At scary parts i would bury my face into his neck and cuddle up to him. I held onto his armithe wholee time.I honestly didn`t care who is was, but when i`m scared i will grab anyone and bury my face into them.

'It`s ok, i`ll keep you safe, It`s not real.` Niall said comfortingly. When the movie was done i jumped at every little noise. I was completly terrified.

'Ok this may sound weird but Niall will you like sleep in my room with me tonight?' I`m pretty sure i saw his face light up when i asked.

'Yea of course.' He smiled.

'Try not to have to much fun you guys!` Louis winked at me and Niall and i blushed a deep red.

'Shut up Lou!' He gave him this deathly glare wich made Harry laugh aloud. I hugged all the boys goodnight and lead Niall up to my room while they headed out to the bus. He went in and grabbed a pillow off my bed and set it on the floor.

`What are you doing?' I gave him a starnge look. I didn`t want to sleep alone in the bed and sure as hell didn`t want him on the floor.

'Making a bed on the floor,' He stated.

'Well, umm, you can like sleep with me umm in my bed if you uhh want.'

'Are-are you sure?'

'Yea!' I said a little bit too cheerfully.

'Umm o-ok.' He put the pillow back on the bed and crawled in next to me.I turned the light off and put my head on his chest.

'Goodnight Nialler.'

'Goodnight love.' And he kissed the top of my head. I slept better that night then i ever had before.

Niall`s P.O.V.

Wheni saw the look on Briannas face when she saw we had picked out the Grudge, I saw a look of pure terror.

'Shit,'she mumbled. 'I heard that this movie is fricken scary.'

'It`s ok babe we`ll kepp you safe.' Harry smiled, wich made me slightly annoyed. I saw her tense shoulders relax and she smiled. She came and sat down on the end next to me. When scary parts came she would bury her face into my neck and cuddle up to me.

`It`s ok,I`ll keep you safe, It`s not real.' I told her. She held onto my arm for the whole movie.When it was over i could see she waas really scared.

'Ok this may sound weird but Niall will you like sleep in my room with me tonight?' My face lit up.

'Yea of course.' I smiled.

'Try not to have to much fun you guys.'Lou winked at us wich made me and Bri both blush deeply.

'Shut up Lou!' I shot him this deathly glarre and Harry laughed out loud. She hugged the boys goodnight and led me up to her room. It was such an adorable room. She had individual posters of me and the boys and some of us as a group. It put a huge smile on my face. I walked over to her bed, grabbed a pillow, and set it on the floor.

'What are you doing?' She gave me a weird look.

'Making a bed on the floor.'

'Well,umm, you can like sleep with me umm in my bed if you uhh want.' Did she really just ask that? Well this night is going better then expected.

'Are-are you sure?'


'umm o-ok.' I picked up my pillow,put it on the bed,and crawled in next to her. She turned the light off and after a bit put her head on my chest.

'Goodnight Nialler.' She said.

'Goodnight love.'I kissed teh top of her head and slept better then i had in weeks.






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