Unplanned Love

17 year old Brianna and her friend,Maddy, have been waiting to go to a One Direction concert forever! They finnaly get tickets, as they are walking back to the car something happens, Brianna wakes up in th hospital. When she gets out she nveer expects to fall in love. I don`t have the best grammar skills but i hope you enjoy it:)


8. a surprise

Brianna`s P.O.V

I noticed as my dreams started to fade. I didn`t want to wake up. My dreams were nice, comforting. As my dreams started to fade i noticed a few things. God did my head and back hurt. And someone was holding my hand. My eyes started to open and a saw 6 blurry images standing over me. I closed them again because the light was bright.

'Niall stop eating those chips.You`re getting them all over the bed!' I heard.

'What im hungry?'

'You`re always hungry!' 

'Stop fighting you two!' I heard a stern voice say.

'Sorry Liam.' They said in unison . Wait Niall, Liam? Those were the names of two band members of One Direction right? No way they could be standing over me! I must be dreaming. I slowly opened my eyes all the way and saw Maddy`s smiling face. 

'Oh my god! I`m so happy you`re awake!' She started crying. 

'Maddy, where are we?'

Her smile dropped. 'We`re in the hospital Brianna, You were shot.' It all came back to me the concert, the pain, the man who stole my purse. I started crying too.

'Oh hun, It`s ok,' She gave me a careful hug. After i calmed down a bit i remembered the 5 other people who i saw standing over me before. I turned my head to the right and couldn`t believe my eyes.

'Oh my god, You`re One Direction!' 

'Yes we are love.' Liam said with a smile on his face.I looked at Maddy with my mouth open. She laughed. Then walked over to the other side of the bed.

'Brianna,this is Louis,Niall,Harry,Zayn,and Liam.' They all gave me a friendly handshake. I was still trying to process what was happening.Niall kissed my hand and i blushed deeply. 

I finnaly asked, 'So tell me the story right from after the concert.' And so they did, they told about Maddy going back for her phone, hearing the gun shot seeing the man rob me.Niall told his part of what he saw. They told about talking to the paramedics, about the drive to the hospital, about waiting to see if i was alive, and when they found out i was in a coma and finally got to see me, how One Direction sang to me,me being unconsious for 3 and a half hours wich was a huge relief, all leading up to this very moment. I sat processing the whole thing for a bit until i asked. 

'Do my mom and dad know?' 

'The cops called and told them ,they`re on there way.'Maddy said. 

'Well look who`s awake,' The doctor said coming over to me and smiling. Maddy and the guys moved so he could take check my heart and look at my shot wound.

'Well everything looks good.' And he walked out.Niall came over to me.Maddy gave me a glance and when she saw Niall went back to her convo with Harry.

'Hi. So your name`s Brianna then?'

'Yup.'I gave him a smile. 'And i suppose you`re Niall then?' 

He laughed.'Haha yup,' 

I didn`t know what to say. I`m a shy person and i`m talking to Niall from One Direction, so i just said,'Your guys`concert was incredible. You have an amazing voice.'

He gave me a smile.'Thank you. It was alot of fun. So how old are you?

'I`m 18.'

'Cool. So is there anything i can get for you?' He smiled.

'No thanks. I`m fine. Thank you for offering though.'

 We got lost in conversation about his career. When Zayn came over. I had nice little chats with each of the boys. It was really nice. I was in the middle of a deep conversation with Louis about carrots when mine and Maddy`s parents burst through the door.

'Oh my god Brianna!'My mom rushed over with tear streaking down her face and gave me a huge hug. Then i got hugs from my dad,my brother, and Maddy`s parents. When i was done explaining to my them what happened(With a little help with Maddy) My dad asked, 'So who are these boys?'

'Dad,Mom,Jarred,Mr. and Mrs.Tisher this is One Direction.' My family was shocked. I talked about them all the time and now they were standing in my hospital room, It was alot to take in. The guys were just awkwardly standing there.

My mom finnaly broke the long silence. 'Oh well it`s nice to meet you.Brianna talks about you guys all the time.' I blushed and they all looked over at me and smiled. She Gave them all a handshake then my dad,Jarred,and Maddy`s parents did the same. After a few awkward minutes everyone got used to each other and went into conversation. Liam and my brother were playing with some hospital toys mine and Maddy`s parents went out in the lobby for coffees. Louis and Harry were arm wrestling. And Maddy,Zayn,Niall,And I were having a nice conversation. After awhile the doctor came in and inspected me again, then asked my parents to come a sign a few papers.Maddy`s parents wanted to know if anyone wanted Mcdonalds and after a little arguing the boys gave them some money to help pay. After a bit my mom, dad and the doctor came back in.

'Well Brianna your getting better,'The doctor flashed a smile.'I`d say you`ll be able to leave in 3 days tops.' 

'Great!' I exclaimed In the next 3 days the guys never left. Niall told me he felt some what responsible and said they were going to stay till i left. I got to know them very well in those days. They were absolutely great.I liked getting to know them for them, not the boys from One Direction. I got all their numbers too. On the third day as i was getting ready to go,i was just waiting for my parents to sign more papers, The boys all went out into the hallway. They came back in with my parents and huge smiles on their faces.

'What?' Me and Maddy asked.

'Well,' Louis said still smiling,'Harold here just called his mum and asked her if you girls could come and stay with us in Cheshire for the time we`re there,Do you wana go?' 

"yes!' We screamed in unison.' Oh mom, dad pleeeeeaassse can i go? Please?'

'Well honey, You are just getting out of the hospital.Do you even feel better?'My mom asked.

'Yes mom, i feel fine, Please?'

 Well,ok.' My mom slowly said.Maddy took her parents out into the hallway. 

'Oh thank you mom!' I walked over and hugged her because it hurt to run. I looked at my dad.

'Please dad? I`m 18, i can make my own decisions.'

'Oh ok just don`t do anything stupid.'

'Thank you dad! I won`t i promise. Thank you so much!.'I hugged him to then each of the boys. Maddy came in from the hallway with tears in her eyes. 

'Can i talk to you for a sec,' She looked at me.

'Yea of course,' I said a little bit concerned. She led me out into the lobby.

'My parents said i couldn`t go.' 

'Why not!?' I demanded.

'They said i wasn`t responsible enough to do this.They said i can`t because of what happened to you and what if it happened to me. I begged and begged but they won`t budge i`m sorry.' She started crying.

'Oh hun it`s ok. It`ll be all right. It`s not your fault.' We stayed like that for awhile and finally we went back into the room i told the boys that she couldn`t go and they all gave her hugs,'Brianna it`s time to go.'My dad said.

My parents led me out of the hospital in a wheelchair with Maddy and the boys by my side. I got up and gave Maddy a hug goodbye and told her i`d see her again before i left. The plan was was that i`d go home with my parents and the boys following, pack up all my stuff then go to Cheshire with the guys. I gave the guys hugs and took the long drive home with my parents.





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