Calling the Haunted

This is like a poem-short story hybrid thing. It's about three angels who get exiled from Heaven for betraying God by going through Heaven's gates. When rebel angel, Penance discovers earth and the misery and suffering allowed to take place upon it, he abandons Heaven believing they have been betrayed by God to the horror of his fellow angels Revelation and Viaticum. However, When Penance and Viaticum leave the Halls of Angels in Heaven to save him, they too are exiled from Heaven with Penance believing the reason to be that they have seen too much and God does not want them corrupting the purity of the angels in Heaven.


17. 16. Return of Penance

It's been a long time since we last met-

So many years have changed the world-

The smoke has cleared

But the wreckage remains...

And something tells me

We monsters must bare the blame.


I heard your prayers, Friend-

You, the Peacekeepers and the Legion

Have prayed that by sleepless slumber

Would remain undisturbed

But once more I gave returned to the earth-

For right or wrong

I will always keep my promise.

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