The Person On My Mind

When you're waiting for someone, but they don't seem to appear...


Saying goodbye to that very person...


1. The Person On My Mind

I sit,

I stare,

I look everywhere.


I can't seem,

To find,

The person on my mind.


I'm me,

I'm here,

They are supposed to be there.


I wait,

Tick, Tock,

Time's running on the clock.


I check,

my phone,

I'm feeling so alone.


Why can't,

He be here,

Why can't he just appear?


I'm sick,

I'm tired,

My happiness expired.


I run,

I flee,

Forgetting about he.


I look,


He's staying on my mind.


He isn't,


But I stop to stare


His guilt,

I regret,

But I wish we never met...






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