Guinea Pig Diary :)

well, it's pretty self explanatory...


5. running away

oh my gosh!! you will never ever ever EVER guess what i did!!!

i thought, 'hmm... i'm bored... purple girl and Ela are out... nothing to do... the door's open... THE DOOR IS OPEN!!! do you know what that means?? it means i can ESCAPE!!! the door is usually closed so that i don't run away from Purple Girl's room... but now it IS open, so that means... i can explore the whoooole house!! I need an adventure, anyway...'

so i ran across purple girl's room, out the door, across the living room, next to the kitchen, next to the front door (which was unfortunately closed) and into the bathroom. I stopped. My paws slid across the tiled floors, and for once i could stand on a carpet (bath mat). 

OH NO!! the door opened all of a sudden and the girls barged in, calling my name. I smelt fresh pepper. Gosh, i'm hungry... but how do i get out now if Ela will be angry at me??

i need food!!!

After a while of listening at purple girl's voice calling 'Judy! Judy! Where are you!?'. why is she so worried? i'm in here!! i wanted to shout, but i don't think she'll hear my squeaks.

Purple Girl walked into the bathroom, still saying my name under her breath, and shrieked when she saw me hiding underneath the toilet. Well, where else was i meant to hide!? I climbed i between the pipes and stood motionless.

They poked me with everything to make me come out, they even gave me pepper. Ela already went to bed and i was still under the toilet. It was 2 hours already. Bored, i squirmed out of Purple Girl's hands which was trying to pull me out and ran across the bathroom. She just managed to grab hold of me! She gave me some peppers in my cage and locked me in, then climbed into bed.


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