Guinea Pig Diary :)

well, it's pretty self explanatory...


4. oopsy, i forgot!

im afraid i forgot all about this diary! Well, until now. So i am now living with the girl in the purple jumper and her mummy Ela.

I live in a green and white cage with a pink pillow inside. Which is weird, considering i'm a boy. But it's real comfy!

Last week i lived at purple girl's daddy's house. I got to run around her whoooole room (which was pretty big!) and she didn't even lock me in my cage at night. And when the weather was warm she put me in an enclosure outside so i could get some fresh air. I liked it there. But when Ela came back from her holiday me and purple girl had to go back. 

But now i'm allowed all over purple girl's room. Mainly i stay under her bed, though. Becuase, belive it or not, they can't catch me when i'm under there. Yeah, so i'm still a bit scared of them...

Ok, i have to go and wake them up; i'm starving!!!

**squeak squeak**

Yay, purple girl is shuffling around in her bed! Gotta go into my cage and wait for my food now, see ya!

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