Guinea Pig Diary :)

well, it's pretty self explanatory...


2. moving

Wow! This is so cool! An awesome human called Carlos just  moved me and my family down. Down to a place where there is much more room for running around! And there is a wooden house i can sleep in! And i can actually see the wall!! 

One bad thing: there are moch more guinea pigs here that can steal my food... Do you think i should be worried?

I kinda miss my old neighbors... You see, because of the see-through walls i could play with my neighbors. Kind of. They were mice, and the youngest one was my friend. We made funny faces at eachother and attempted to talk. But the walls were too thick and he couldn't hear me. On the other side there was a cage with chinchillas inside. I fpound it unfair that they got such a giant cage and i didn't. But never mind that now; I have a new home!!

**yawn** I'm tired; better get some sleep... Goodnight everyone! Zzzzzz...

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