Guinea Pig Diary :)

well, it's pretty self explanatory...


3. aaaa! what's happening!?

I am in shock. 

Listen, i was just casually eating my lunch (yummy peppers), when some enormous hand slid underneath my belly and lifted me up!! Can you believe this!? It was so terrifying!! Then i was passed on to a human girl with a purple jumper. She stroked me, which felt reeaallly nice...

And then she and her human mummy where talking about me and then: BOOM!! A bright light forced my eyes to shut. I later found out that this is called a 'picture'. Weird human stuff. Then they put me back and i ran to my mummy.

I can hear them talking about fooood... I love food...

Wait... I am nearly 12 weeks old... Which means... Oh, no no no no!!! NO WAY!!! They are NOT going to kidnap me!! Are they..? I won't let them, anyways. I'll hide underneath our wooden house, like i usually do after breakfast so my sister can't bite me for stealing her oranges. So nobody can get me out! Mwa ha ha ha! I will no way le them take me away from my friends and, most importantly, my mummy!

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