Behind The Rapids

Charlotte Bennett and Harry Styles have been close when they were little, but a mysterious feud between their parents causes a big move for The Bennett family. They move across the dangerous rapids, where Charlotte's sister drowned in. When their restricted love gets too strong, Charlotte realizes she can't do this anymore, and has to cross the rapids only to find Harry has moved to london with 4 friends. Not knowing he's a part of One Direction, she tracks him down only to find an unwelcomed guest and a nerve-wracking surprise, which leads her into a dangerous life of twists and turns. And that's only the beginning...


2. The last goodbye

(Charlotte's POV)

I woke up, feeling a lot better since yesterday. I still couldn't bare the fact that my sister, Shayna, passed away, just like that. I still wonder how it happened though.. I decided to takl to Gemma about this later at school.

"Charlotte! Come downstairs!" My mum hollered from downstairs.

I quickly changed, and went down the stairs for some breakfast. I turned the corner, seeing suitcases packed, and boxes everywhere. What was going on?

"Good morning sweetie," my dad said, flashing me a smile.

"Good morning mum and dad," I replied smiling back. "What are all of these boxes and suitcases for?" 

"Oh, um, we weren't planning to tell you until you came back from school, but.. We're moving, to the other side of the river," he said, not speaking very loud.

I stared at him. What? Maybe I misunderstood him. "What did you say? I don't think I heard you clearly.."

"I said we're moving, on the other side of the river," he said, this time with a louder voice. I heard him this time. I couldn't believe what he was saying. My eyes filled with anger as my heart started racing. I could feel my eyes tearing up.

"What?! We can't!" I protested, as my vision started to get blurrier feeling a tear run down my cheek. 'W-w-we can't move! What about H-Harry and G-Gemma?!" I was screaming now, tears running down my cheeks.

"Charlotte, we have to. It's the best for everyone."

"It's not the best for me and Harry!" I've always liked Harry. I'm pretty sure he didn't like me back.

"Sweetheart, I-"

"No! I don't wanna talk about it!" I stormed off to my bedroom and slammed the door, sitting on my bed crying for a few minutes. Then I realized I still had to go to school. I quickly wiped away my tears and got my book bag from the beside my bed, and climbed out my window, not wanting to talk to my parents. 

I ended up walking because I missed my bus. I went to class and sat in my normal seat, in the back of the room. I wanted to go see Harry and spend the rest of my day with him, before we parted. I'm so glad we had free period and lunch together.

-free period-

I searched for Harry as soon as we were released for free period. I kept looking for a few more minutes and then found him. I ran up to him and gave him a HUGE hug.

"Woah, what happened to you?" he said. I blinked, a tear rolling down my cheek, onto Harry's shoulder. "Char, what's wrong?" he asked, placing a hand on the back of my head, as I just sat there and sobbed into Harry's shoulder in front of everyone.

"My.." I stopped and took a deep breath in. "My parents are making me move to the other side of the river," I said quietly, continuing to sob into his shoulder.

I took my head off of his shoulder, tears still going down my cheeks and my eyes were red and puffy.. I looked into his eyes, only to see they were full of sadness. 

"I-I can't believe it.." I could see his eyes getting watery. I've never seen him cry. Or even with his eyes like this. I just continue to cry, right then and there. Harry pulled me into a hug again.

Ruining the moment, the bell rang telling us to head out next to class.

By the time it was lunch, harry and I just sat next to eat other, talking about all of the great memories we had, we laughed at the funny ones, and smiled at the amazing ones. But, once again, we had to head back to class...

When I arrived back at home, I went upstairs and went to my bed and laid down and just stared at the ceiling, thinking about Harry. I wondered about the fact that since I was moving, me and harry could never be more than friends. I decided to go and visit him before I left. I climbed out of my window once again and knocked on his door. His mum answered.

"Hey Mrs. Styles, is Harry here?" she nodded.

"Yeah, he's upstairs in his room."

"Thanks." I gave her a smile and headed upstairs. I noticed that his door was closed. It usually wasn't.. Strange. I knocked on it.

"Who is it?" he asked, it sounded like he was crying.

"It's me, Charlotte." His opened the door slightly, looking at me through the crack. His eyes were puffy, I could tell he was crying. 

"Hey," he said, smiling a bit, "come on in." He opened the door all the way, letting me in. 

He sat on his bed, while I sat beside him. It was an awkward silence, until he blurted out, "I'm gonna miss you Char." 

"I'm gonna miss you too Harry." He came in and gave me a hug, and I hugged him back. I could hear him sniffle. "Harry, are you crying?" I pulled away from the hug, and looked at his eyes. He wiped off his cheeks.

"No..." He quickly looked away. I could tell he was embarrassed.

"Don't lie Harry." I laughed at him. He wasn't the type to cry much, so he must've felt awkward.

"I am not."

"Are too. But it's fine, I've been sobbing all day. You've only been crying for a few minutes." I gave him another hug.

"After a few more minutes, I had to go home. "Harry, I need to go home now. I don't wanna make my parents worried if they didn't find me in my room." I could feel tears coming back again. "Goodbye Harry. I'll try and keep in touch." I had a tear run down my cheek as I started to walk away.

"Char, wait up." He grabbed my wrist softly, looking into my eyes.

"Yes, Harry?" I looked back at him.

"Let me at least walk you home."

I smiled, "Okay."

We walked outside, and it was raining. "Awh, it's raining..."

"Then let's run!" He laughed and grabbed my hand and started running. I smiled as I looked at our hands. I was holding his hand.

We started to reach my house and slowed down, even though it was still raining. We started heading to the side of my house with my room. I looked at my window, then at Harry. I sighed at the thought that this was gonna be the last time I would see him. "Well, I guess this is goodbye.." I opened the window and was about to climb in when Harry stopped me.

"One more thing," he said, pulling my arm lightly. 

"Yes, Harry?" I looked at him, with a confused look on my face.

"This." He pulled me close to him, and kissed me. Right there, in the rain. I pulled away and smiled. My first kiss. In the rain.

That's one thing off my bucket list. Just need the other... Being his girlfriend.

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