Behind The Rapids

Charlotte Bennett and Harry Styles have been close when they were little, but a mysterious feud between their parents causes a big move for The Bennett family. They move across the dangerous rapids, where Charlotte's sister drowned in. When their restricted love gets too strong, Charlotte realizes she can't do this anymore, and has to cross the rapids only to find Harry has moved to london with 4 friends. Not knowing he's a part of One Direction, she tracks him down only to find an unwelcomed guest and a nerve-wracking surprise, which leads her into a dangerous life of twists and turns. And that's only the beginning...


4. Empty

(Harry's POV)

After I jumped out her window, it was heartbreaking. Heartbreaking to take another step, another breath, knowing this would be the last time I saw her flowing blonde wavy hair, and her glistening light blue eyes. The last - and first - I love you. God, It's so unfair. I ran in the house, still crying pretty hard. I ran straight to my room, closing the door, forgetting to lock it. I sat on my bed, my head in my hands. I was never going to be the same. Charlotte was the best thing that ever happened to me. My mum opened the door. 

"Harry! It's okay!" she said, and I shook my head.

"It's not okay to feel empty." 

"She's only moving.." she began, but I finished her sentence for her. 

"Across the Rapids.." She looked at me, as if I needed to explain why I was acting like this. "It's so unfair.." I groaned. 

"It's the best for everyone.." She said.

"No Anne," I said, calling her by her first name for once. "It isn't."

(The Next Day)

(Charlotte's POV)

This is it. The last of my stuff. I sat down the last box in the moving truck. I was a mess. I wore sweatpants, Harry's shirt, Slippers, and mascara was all over my face. I tied my hair in a messy bun, and Hopped in the truck, on the drivers side. The passenger side door was broken. I leaned against the window, as my mom got in the truck, at the wheel. My dad was driving separately, in his red Chevrolet pick-up truck. I pulled out my phone, and called Harry, as we started pulling out of the driveway.

"Who are you talking to?" My mum asked. I looked up at her, with an icy stare.

"Harry." I said coldly.

"Char, You called!" Harry yelled. "Have you left yet? I'm walking toward your house."

I let out a small sob.

"We've already left,' I said. "Wait! Mum! stop the car!" I yelled, Harry on the other end still.

"No, We've got a schedule, and we're already running late!" she said.

"Fine" I said, opening the door, or trying to anyway. Shit. I forgot it was broken.

"Broken," She said, smiling as if she won a prize or something. Simultaneously, me and Harry groaned the same thing. 

"It's so unfair!"

(Harry's POV)

I kept walking to Char's house, even though I knew she wasn't there. I hung up, after telling her I loved her, of course. I knocked on the door, when I got to her house, before laughing at myself, and just walked in. I went to her old room, finding a message written in blue paint written on her white walls. It read : "I love Harry, and no one will ever, EVER, change that.!" But other than that It was empty. Just like my heart.

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