Behind The Rapids

Charlotte Bennett and Harry Styles have been close when they were little, but a mysterious feud between their parents causes a big move for The Bennett family. They move across the dangerous rapids, where Charlotte's sister drowned in. When their restricted love gets too strong, Charlotte realizes she can't do this anymore, and has to cross the rapids only to find Harry has moved to london with 4 friends. Not knowing he's a part of One Direction, she tracks him down only to find an unwelcomed guest and a nerve-wracking surprise, which leads her into a dangerous life of twists and turns. And that's only the beginning...


5. Don't forget

(Charlotte's POV)

I stare down at my phone and smile. Another text from Harry. It's been three years since I've moved. I'm 16 now, but Harry and I have kept in touch. We Skyped, texted, and called each other. That still wasn't enough for me, I missed him. Those big curls, all of his over his head. Those dreamy emerald green eyes. The way he always made me feel better. 

And then I think I of that last night I saw him. He said he loved me, Harold Edward Styles, out of all people, loved ME. Charlotte.Then we kissed. That sweet kiss. We haven't seen each other in person since my family and I decided to move to the other side of the rapids. I don't know exactly WHY we did, I always wanted to ask my parents, but I had a feeling not to, so I never did.

I looked down at my phone again. I still haven't texted him back. I didn't bother to read the message. I just sent a simple "I miss you." Just going completely off topic. My phone vibrated on my lap. Harry responded.

"I miss you too." Is what it said. I sighed. I need to see him again, I just didn't know how.

I looked out my window, staring across the rapids. I looked at his house, I could see his bedroom window from here. But he wasn't there. I decided to keep looking at it, just in case Harry would walk in. After about 10 minutes, I gave up. As soon as I started to look away, I saw him. His curls. Those big curls I missed. And, just, I missed him. I looked at him and smiled. 

I replied to his text message and told him to look out his window. I clicked send. Then I saw his head turn to his window. I saw his face. He looked around to see why, then he saw me, with a shocked face, then smiled because he was happy. I smiled back and started to feel my eyes tear, I missed him. I soon got another text.

"Don't cry love." I saw a tear trip onto my phone. And I quickly looked back up. And stared at Harry and continued to cry. I quickly texted him back. 

"I just miss you." Then I had more tears fall. I looked up at Harry, he was right in front of his window, putting his hands up to it. I did the same. I think I just saw a tear fall. Did I? I looked closely. Yup. I texted him before he texted me back.

"You tell me not to cry, but you cry. Nice job Harry." I did a small laugh and smiled and sent it. He went over to his phone and read it, and smiled as well. Then his head turned to his door and his smile dropped. I assumed his mom was calling him. He looked back at me. Then down at his phone as he texted me back. Then my phone buzzed. 

"I need to go love, my mum is calling. Bye gorgeous xx" I texted him back saying goodbye as he looked at me and did a heart, I did the same, and he was off.

(Harry's POV)

I heard my mum calling me downstairs. I noticed it was time for me to go. I was auditioning for The X-Factor. If I made it, I wouldn't have much time to talk to Char. And if I made it far enough, to the point I became famous, I most likely wouldn't be able to talk to her at all. Before I left, I texted her a goodbye, and did a heart to her with my hands through my window, as she did the same back. 

I'm going to miss you Char. I hope you don't forget me, as I hope I don't forget you as well.

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