I Will Always Remember

I will always remeber that night when everything went wrong.


4. The red room

I woke up in some sort of red room, Strapped to a chair next to Zayn and Liam. "Hey Zayn!" I whispered-shouted. His head shot up "Wha- where am I?" He turned to me "Oh my god! El are you okay?" He shouted causing a door to fly open "Well hello" Said a black figure walking up to me "Who are you?" He kneeled beside me "Hello Eleanor" No.. It was my dad "No! Leave me alone get me out of here!" I screamed shaking around. "So then who are these?" He walked over to Zayn "You don't need to know just leave El alone" Said Liam glaring at him "Wow very protective of you aren't they?Maybe I should just send them away and you will come with me" He stood talking to them I couldn't hear what they were saying but they didn't look happy. But then I thought maybe I could get out of this and get them? I grabbed my pocket knife out of my handbag(Incase I was indanger Mum always told me..) And cut the rope jumped up and put the knife in my handbag and started as Dad stood up and turned to me "Wow your crafty aren't you?" I stopped and walked up to him "Yes now let them go!" Zayn looked at me "Babe go save yourself!" I kicked my dad in the shins he fell to the ground in pain and I ran over and hugged Zayn "Wow thanks now come on let's go!" I said finishing cutting his and Liam's rope.

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